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How to extend your vaporizer life?


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“Shit, the power is over! I just charged it several hours ago.” A programmer screamed out when he endeavored himself to figure out a difficult issue and wanted to vape a vaporizer to celebrate this sacred moment but failed at night.

This is a common problem. Because for the most parts, vaporizer like smart phone is easily to run out of power when in incorrect use. As a result, the vaping experience was influenced in such situation.

As for this common issue, there must be a targeted solution. There are several ways to extend the battery life.


1. Guarantee the vape battery to be used regularly

Electric device should be used frequently to keep good performance, otherwise, it will lose some of its power slowly. That would be better to prolong the life of battery and keep it functioning properly even though use for a while.

2. No overcharge vaporizer battery

Most of users are likely to charge their own device overnight, which will reduce the life when the power is full but the charging continues which will damage the overall lifespan.

3. No drain the vaper battery

The situation of over-discharging vaping is another way to shorten the battery life. That would be more sensible to replace your battery if the battery is allowed to get drained. Just because it spends much less energy in replacing a battery that is not fully charged than one that is only halfway drained. That would be best to begin charging our battery when in a half power, which needs more energy than that of draining the battery.

4. Store a full charge for vaporizer

Make sure to give our vaping love a full power storage through charging in the circumstances of laying it aside for a long time. It will drain the battery gradually and cause the last solution, as a result, to weaken the battery normal life. The next time to use it, it will be forced to work much harder to get back to a full charge.

Apart from the points mentioned as above, the battery life is relevant to the atomizer’s functions. It performs itself in several ways.


1.Switch off the vaporizer when unused

That would be better to choose a vaporizer which is allowed to turn off to save power and then prolong its life. Make MATE1 as an example, it is still sucking away some of the power from the battery, even though the standby time is 56 days when the device is unused. And the transportation mode of MATE1 works for saving power. Just tap the battery case five times in a row to make it at dormancy mode for extending its life.

2.Keep your lovely atomizer clean

The atomizer is most important partner for battery.But most atomizers are not seamless enough in case the spilling e-juice, which will be more easily to flow to the battery electrodes and make it dirty, consequently, the connector to the battery becomes weaker. This forces the battery to work harder to produce the required amount of power required to produce a quality hit. As the battery is forced to work harder, its overall lifespan will decrease and it will also drain quicker forcing you to place it on the charger more often.

In order to keep the better vaping experience and for battery life, the atomizer without e-juice leakage is important. MATE1 adopts VIS to guarantee it, how it works? To some extent, it makes good use of Side-to-Bottom airflow for larger vapor and avoid the leakage problem, so that the ejuice can’t touch the battery poles at this situation.

Therefore, extending the battery life is not about the mod itself, but also the atomizer.

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