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  1. cloumix

    New Released! Aspire Paradox Single 18650 Mod 75W

    Brand: Aspire Product Name: Aspire Paradox Mod Type: Mod Introduction Aspire Paradox Mod is created in Aspire collaborated with Italian engineering house, NoName, who is celebrated as masters of minimalist design. Compact and sleek, with a beautifully easy-to-use interface, Paradox is the...
  2. Advken

    How to make your Batteries lifespan longer?

    Today more and more AIO device take the current mainstream ternary lithium 18650 battery as an example, people often use 18650 batteries in their daily life, but few people know how to maintain their batteries. Today, Let's show you detailed instructions to help you to solve these problems...
  3. W

    Should I replace the battery?

    Brought some RM2.5 18650 batteries about 2 weeks ago now, recently noticed a small mark on one of the batteries. Would it be worth replacing these batteries due to that mark?
  4. L

    Best 18650's

    So I've vaped for a very long time. Currently vape shops in my area are selling imitation batteries (re-wraps). I've been purchasing batteries on amazon and other sites but found one site I wanted to share. Samsung 30Q is my jam and this site sells them for 5.50. I...
  5. WotofoOfficial

    13 Regulated Mod Battery Safety Tips For Safe Vaping

    If you're a vaper who enjoys toking using a powerful regulated vape mod fitted with 18650 or 20700 batteries then this battery safety guide is for you. The truth is vape batteries are much more powerful than your standard AA batteries and if they are not handled carefully and/or maintained...
  6. JuiceChris

    Vape School: 9 Vape Battery Safety Tips!

    This week we are going to cover an important topic for vapers who use vape mods. From its appearance, a vape battery appears harmless; however, a vape battery that is not properly maintained is at risk of potential danger. To avoid any potential risks and complications, it is very important to...
  7. The Triple T

    Keeps Reading Battery Low Smok Species

    I have a smok species kit with Samsung 30q batteries. It works fine for a while but when the battery indicator shows the batteries at around 50% or sometimes higher it starts to say battery low even though it still reads the battery percentage as 50% What can I do to fix this as its very annoying?

    New Giveaways by Tesiyi, you can't miss out

    Hello VU guys, to appreciate for our fans support Tesiyi all the time. We have prepared some samples of our new Imuses Portable vaporizer for vapers to try, welcome to attend our giveaway as link below: The Giveaway for...
  9. cloumix

    [New Arrival] Yocan Rega Box Mod Vaporizer

    Brand: Yocan Product Name: Yocan Rega Box Mod Vaporizer Type: Box Mod | Vape Mod Color: Blue, Black, Red, White Introduction Yocan Rega Box Mod Vaporizer is built-in 350mAh battery and features three optional voltage for meeting different vaping needs. The Rega Box Mod can safely and securely...
  10. cloumix

    [New Released] Aspire K Lite Mod 900mAh

    Brand:Aspire Product Name:Aspire K Lite Mod Type:Vape Mod Color:Grey/Blue/Green/Orange/Black Introduction Aspire K Lite Mod is designed for Aspire K Lite Tank. It is a light and slim mod with 900mAh built-in battery for longer vaping. Five levels adjustable voltage 3V, 3.5V, 4V, 4.5V, 5V can...
  11. Yocan_Official

    Do you know the voltage of Yocan Handy?

    Hey, Many Yocan fans ask us about the Handy voltage issues. So, this thread we will discuss the voltage of Yocan Handy. If you have read this article about Handy: Adjustable voltage: Tap 3 times to change ( 2.7V/3.5V/4.0V)...
  12. V

    Doubt about batteries

    Hey guys, how are you? Could you please tell me which is the best battery for vaping? I've searched a lot but i dont know which one is the best option to go. Many of my friends told me that the Sony VTC5A was pretty good. What about the VTC6 one? My mod needs 2 batteries. Any suggestions? What...
  13. cloumix

    [New Arrival]Vaporesso GEN Mod 220W

    Brand: Vaporesso Product Name: Vaporesso GEN Mod Type: Box Mod Color: Black/Silver/Black Red/Black Blue Introduction Vaporesso GEN Mod is powered by dual 18650 batteries with 220W max output. It will show the vaping situation clearly with a 0.91" OLED screen. Vaporesso GEN 220W Box MOD...
  14. cloumix

    [New Arrival] Yocan Handy Vape Mod 500mAh

    Brand: Yocan Product Name: Yocan Handy Type: Box Mod Color: Black/Silver/Blue/Red/Gray Introduction Yocan Handy Vape Mod is a stealth vape with small and light size. Handy box mod supports micro USB charging with 500mAh capacity, extending your vaping time. The oil level window and intelligent...
  15. Efun.Top

    Buy Mod get Free Samsung ICR 18650 Battery! Only 2 days!

    Buy Mod get Free Samsung ICR 18650 Battery! Quantity limited, first order first ship. Promotion ends at 20:00 May 9th, Mountain Time when the battery sold out. Think Vape Thor 200W TC Box MOD $21.59 In stock! Buy now get it shipped and get a free 18650 battery! Features: Portable TC Box MOD with...
  16. X

    Need help with SMOK Stick V8 and coil issues

    I've been using the smok stick V8 for a while now and I can't seem to make any of the smok coils last longer than around 4 days. I recently bought an Eleaf mesh .15, and it's seeming to last a little longer, but my battery seems to drain and die faster than traditional coils. Which is odd...

    Vape Blog | 7 Actions to Extend Your Vape Device's Battery Life

    Once upon a time, most battery-powered consumer devices required six or even eight AA, C or D-sized batteries that wouldn’t last terribly long. It seemed like you had to change the batteries every hour or two! Not only was this expensive, but it was also incredibly wasteful too. Batteries like...
  18. megan psilocybin

    Did I break my Vaporesso Tarot?

    I need to begin by saying, we all make mistakes. Lmao okay. I bought my first vape in December of last year. It’s a red Vaporesso Tarot Baby. I didn’t do much research before walking in so I gravitated to it because of its design. And to this day, still do not know much about it. I’ve had...
  19. D

    Strange Weak Battery message

    Hi. I got an Eleaf Pico 25, and have encountered a problem, that I can't quite figure out. I have two LG HG2 batteries, so that I can charge one, while I use another. When these batteries reaches the level from the last time I charged them, the mod displays "Weak Battery". For example. If I...
  20. E

    18650 battery NON vape question.

    So from my research anything over 3000mah 30 amp max discharge is overrated fake etc. BUT I'm looking for the highest genuine mah 18650 and I only need a 1 amp max continuous discharge current. It's for a cheap 2 dollar usb powerbank cell phone charger that I misread the description of from...
  21. godhelpme

    Dual 18650s vs Single 21700

    I am not that informed when it comes to batteries as I've only had one mod (that had a freak accident). I am between two mods now, one of which is a dual 18650 and the other a single 18650, 20700, or 21700. The ohm resistances would be anywhere from .2 to 1.5. Occasional Sub-Ohm and RDA, but MTL...
  22. K

    Ipv xyanide mod best battery?

    Hello guys, i recently bought an e-cig from a friend with an Ipv xyanide mod, i don't know exactly what kind of battery did i get from him, i just know that it's Sony brand and it's size is 18650, but the battery dies pretty fast considering i'm a hardcore vaper and i vape like 24/7. I use...
  23. D

    Nitecore i2 NEW charger questions for 3.7 v batteries

    Before anyone commits to the old adage, RTFM. I have, and while it covered the topic I am asking about it did not do it well... I am waiting on my star but for now this is all i have and I have read that you can select with the c and v buttons respectively to select the charging limit. I.e...
  24. D

    Safe application of vtc6s instead of 5a in regulated mod?

    Hi all! First post, So I began building the other day ok n my aegis legend 200w. I have vtc5a as well as vtc6 batteries. I've found regardless of resistance, I run around 85- maybe 105 watts normally for ideal vapor and flavor in either a .15 ohm coil in a tank, or usually about .24 or .18 on...
  25. 2

    I have never vaped with a mod before and have some questions.

    First of all, how long do the batteries that you purchase for them generally last (I am talking about how many charges you get out of them not how long they last for each charge). I already did some research on this topic and know that you are supposed to "marry" the batteries for Dual-Battery...
  26. H

    I will change my Mod, can i use the same batteries i used?

    Good evening, I have a 1 battery mod and i want to change to a 2 battery one. But i already have 2 batteries and i use them separated. Can i use them together on the same mod safely? The batteries have the same A and MAH but from different brands. Thanks!
  27. a dude

    Is this safe to vape on?

    So on my mod (Minikin v2) the battery spring was loose and the mod wouldn't start beacuse of that. I solved the problem by putting some white adhesive gum (a thing like Blu Tack) on the top side of the battery slot that were loose (see picture). The adhesive it self do not touch anything vital...
  28. r055co

    Heavens Gifts Selling iJoy Fakes

    Alert from Mooch "Fake/unauthorized iJoy 18650’s" "Heavent Gifts is selling these but iJoy marketing has confirmed that they are not from iJoy as they do not sell any 18650’s now. The 2200mAh one tested out as a terrible 7A-10A battery. I will be posting about these everywhere later today. "...
  29. Mec


    I've touched up on a little bit of Ohm's law and i still can't figure out the max resistance i can build a coil for said battery. The only way i know that the resistance is too high is the chip, but I have also been looking into getting a mech mod and am trying to wrap my head around trying to...
  30. r055co

    Mooch is Pissed!

    iJoy 20350, Mooch went on a rant
  31. 461nemesis

    Help Me to Choose a Battery

    Hi, I have been vaping for about 6 months, the only device that I'm using is Kangertech Subox 50w with 1 ohm coil, and a single LG HG2 battery.. I want to upgrade my mod to something new, like Thor 200w or IPV Vesta 200w. Can you guys suggest me a battery for this two mods? Thanks, and sorry for...
  32. Ave40

    [8000 mAh Battery]That's Big---Smok V-FIN with TFV12

    How Long Will You Vape If You Get A 8000 mAh Battery Mod??That's What I Bring To You Guys Today.What's More,In Discount,As Well. Feature: § Modern design with an inlaid pattern § Powerful and durable built-in 8000mAh battery § 160W output power with temp/watt/memory mode § Portable size...
  33. Shinyobjects

    Time for Pulse Discharge!

    Disclaimer: Please no one try what I'm about to describe. While it may be listed as safe on a website, I know enough to know that this is pushing the limits much further than they need be pushed. I just don't want to get anyone killed... Hey guys, Quick question for anyone who may happen to...
  34. Dani17


    Hi guys.I just wanted to know if its safe to have a 0.1 ohm build in the voopo drag mod with dual lg hb6's
  35. vapeccino

    How to extend your vaporizer life?

    “Shit, the power is over! I just charged it several hours ago.” A programmer screamed out when he endeavored himself to figure out a difficult issue and wanted to vape a vaporizer to celebrate this sacred moment but failed at night. This is a common problem. Because for the most parts...
  36. SalliV

    Is it time to replace?

    So I was wrapping up for the day at work yesterday and noticed to my geekvape blade was reading like it was changing. Note that it's only about a month since I've got the thing and it hasn't had any life or death drops, now I did the usual pulled the batteries out cleaned it up, as soon as I...
  37. F

    What battery should I use for my mod?

    Hey guys! Been vaping for 6 months now and I just bought a blade mod by GeekVape. I am planning to vape it with my blitzen rta (with a resistance about .2 ohms) and wattage around 60-100w. Since I vape on a regulated mod, what battery should I get? How much amps is needed for that vape?? Do...
  38. C

    Please Help. Trouble with picking the right Mod.

    This is my first post on this site (or any other vaping related site). I have been vaping for 3 years.. I keep breaking my Mods. I obviously need help finding the right one for me and my search has been costing me a fortune. I live in the back corner of the universe, in Canada so everything is...
  39. Astray

    You MUST never build it too low, but what about higher ohm?

    Hi, as I am learning extensively and diligently about safety, ohm's law, battery quality and performance, coil building, resistance, battery's amp discharge rate (from the famous Mooch), and the whole realm of unregulated mod safety rules... I have a good understanding on the minimum ohm that...
  40. F

    WTS - SGS mods Batman edition with goon rda and 2 VTC5A's

    Those of you who know the brand SGS mods, you know what these are all about. These are the highest quality mods I've ever tried. Comes with all original packaging. There are only 100 made. It will also come with a black goon, and 2 Sony VTC5A's. The mod is in perfect condition it's only been...
  41. JosCiv

    Married batteries

    Hi all, I recently bought a Smoant Charon and this one requires two batteries. I received two batteries with the mod itself and I was wondering if I could use the other two batteries that I have left (I used them in my Baby AL85). One is rewrapped, the other one isn't. I saw many topics that...
  42. degibox

    Am I using this thing correctly?

    Purchased a Leo mini mod yesterday. It's my first and only vape and I have no idea what I'm doing. The pulls seem very hot and harsh. It was my understanding this would be a clean, smooth experience without odor. That's not happening. The instructions say to press the button five times rapidly...
  43. james5137

    A qustion about a vapor device!

    Hi everyone :) I have EGO AIO and I'm not satisfied with it at all, I want device that came with: RDTA head, but does not leak, or came with squeezable tank, or head like "Eleaf iStick Pico RDTA" Removable battery. And have amps control. The Eleaf iStick Pico RDTA is so perfect for me but I...
  44. P

    Severe Battery Imbalance with Kaos Spectrum Mod

    I have a mod that has a battery that currently has 0.65 volts and the other has 4.04 volts. I know this has a battery imbalance, but my mod turns on even though the battery percentage says "00%". My friend is giving me his external charger soon. Should I charge the 0.65 volt battery up to...
  45. Vape Path

    VAPTIO C-II Kit. "Half nunchaku"

    Hey, guys! I`m not really big fan of devices, where I can`t see the indices of work on the screen, but sometimes I get such a mods for reviews. Now I would like to speak about kit for beginners or for people, who prefer simple, but functional battery modes – VAPTIO C-II Kit. It came to me...
  46. VapeMate

    Which high CDR batteries are good for mech?

    Hello VU, I'm here back again with some questions. i've been using samsung 20r for a while now and i'm quite satisfied with it's cdr and capacity it performs as expected on my regulated 50w mod now i'm gonna buy my mech but before that i wanna make sure i know everything abt it i'm pretty good...
  47. P

    Battery Imbalance - New to Vaping

    Hi, I have a Sigelei Kaos Spectrum that has two MXJO IMR 18650 3000mAh 3.7V 35A batteries. I can't use the mod because it says, "The battery is imbalance". Then the two voltage signs on the right start blinking. One battery has 3.39 V and the other has 4.29 V. I am new to vaping and confused...
  48. WillyTheMLGPro

    Confused about ohms and batteries

    I currently own a Bonza rda with a ijoy captain pd270 and I've been looking at getting a mechanical tube mod to match it. I'm current have it running 2 alien coils from Cloud Revolutions that run at 0.11 ohms. I've been looking to match it with a Broadside tube mod but when I've done the ohm's...
  49. kymbrolie525


    Hi friends! I'm new to this forum so hello. I had to search for you guys cause I'm in BIG trouble. Ughhh! I've been vaping for over 2 years now, walked away from the Marlboro and straight into E-cig land and I love it. I've had my SMOK Stick V8 for about 5 months or so, couldn't be happier...
  50. vapeccino

    does charging matter much to you?

    the problem is that I feel agitated every time I have to wait for the charging and I can not vape during that time. But this one seems much better. What's your experience of charging?

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