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  1. Yocan_Official

    Pod System Style OR Pen Style? Which Form Factor Will You Dig?

    Hi folks, Just wondering how much the form factors of a dry herb vaporizer mean to you. I know there are quite a majority of vapers down here who prefer discreetness and portability increasingly. As the most sought-after shapes, pod system style(Yocan Vane) and pen-style(Yocan Hit), which shape...
  2. V

    Exseed Dabcool W2 Water Pipe Vaporizer Kit 1500mAh for only £48.99

    Exseed Dabcool W2 Kit is a Water Pipe Vaporizer Kit with a peculiar shape and a comfortable feel. At the same time, it is also an easy to use portable Water Pipe Vaporizer Electric Dab Rig that made for dabs & concentrates. Exseed Dabcool W2 Kit Features: Metal and Rubber Body Intelligent...
  3. cloumix

    New Released! Money Off-10/$20, Airistech Airis Mystica III Mod

    Brand: Airistech Product Name: Airistech Airis Mystica III Mod Type: Vaporizer Introduction Airistech Airis Mystica III Mod a portable cartridge vape pen battery. It holds 350mAh built-in battery with preheat mode and magnetic quick connector. Features of Airis Mystica III Mod ➤ 350mAh Battery...
  4. Yocan_Official

    Yocan HIT Vaporizer amazing convection sessions on the go Pen

    The Yocan Hit is a marvel of dry vaporizer, provides amazing convection sessions on the go. The build quality of the Yocan hit is solid as it’s made from aluminum. The mouthpiece is magnetically connected to the battery. The Yocan HIT Vaporizer is also outfitted with smart features like a crisp...
  5. Absolute-Wood

    !!SOLD-PLEASE CLOSE!! NEW ProVari 2.5 Gold Zencoat with 18650 Caps

    !!ALL SOLD!!! Hey Everyone, I'm Rick, from Absolute-Wood. Been vaping a little over 10 years. A bit less than a year ago, I got to zero nic. My wife vapes as well, and will soon hit zero as well. So, we can see the day we quit. Like many others, the FDA has caused us to stock up through...
  6. cloumix

    [In Stock ] $11.76 -- Yocan Wit Box Mod 500mAh

    Brand: Yocan Product Name: Yocan Wit Box Mod Type: Mod Color: Pearl Black, Pearl White, Pearl Blue, Black Blue Gradient, Blue Purple Gradient Introduction Yocan Wit Box Mod is a compact, portable and stylish cartridge mod, which allows you to carry around with ease. With 500mAh built-in...
  7. cloumix

    [New Arrival] Yocan UNI Pro VV Box Mod 650mAh

    Brand: Yocan Product Name: Yocan UNI Pro Mod Type: Mod Color: Black, Red, Silver, White, Airy Blue, Dark Champagne Introduction Yocan UNI Pro VV Box Mod is powered by internal 650mAh battery with the adjustable diameter dial fitting different diameters, Equipped with a 10s preheat function...
  8. cloumix

    [New Arrival] Airis Doo Vaporizer 450mAh

    Brand: Airis Product Name: Airis Doo Vaporizer Type: Vaporizer Color: Black, White, Red, Pink, Blue, Purple, and Grey Introduction Airis Doo Vaporizer is powered by 450mAh built-in battery. It features a push-button operated switch-blade key style mechanism that flips open to provide easy...
  9. cloumix

    [New Arrival] Yocan Rega Box Mod Vaporizer

    Brand: Yocan Product Name: Yocan Rega Box Mod Vaporizer Type: Box Mod | Vape Mod Color: Blue, Black, Red, White Introduction Yocan Rega Box Mod Vaporizer is built-in 350mAh battery and features three optional voltage for meeting different vaping needs. The Rega Box Mod can safely and securely...
  10. Jason Smith

    How long should I finish a bottle of ejuice?

    How long should I finish a bottle of ejuice?
  11. Jason Smith

    100% safe vape kit recommend?

    I'm new vaper, and often hear the explosion of battery, do you have 100% safe vape kit recommended?
  12. T

    Quick question

    Hi there, I have a quick question. Want to buy e-cig but cannot understand the difference between vape mods and vaporizers. Here is where I want to buy Anyone can explain that?
  13. vapeccino

    TOP 4 Nicotine Salt Juice Pod Mod in 2018

    Inhale nicotine salt, which is beneficial to make a replacement to cigarette. Compared to nicotine juice, nicotine salt juice is known as high nicotine strength and satisfying throat hit and make it perfect for smokers who are new to vaping. In order to vaporize freshest, boldest steam, you...
  14. vapeccino

    As long as you love the e-juice, you will fall in love with VAPECCINO, why?

    Before explaining that, we must know that vaping has been a godsend for millions of former smokers who always struggled with quitting. It is proven to be at least?95% safer?than cigarettes, leading many to laud it for its harm reduction utility. One?study?from the UK’s Action on Smoking and...
  15. vapeccino

    How to extend your vaporizer life?

    “Shit, the power is over! I just charged it several hours ago.” A programmer screamed out when he endeavored himself to figure out a difficult issue and wanted to vape a vaporizer to celebrate this sacred moment but failed at night. This is a common problem. Because for the most parts...
  16. vapeccino

    The Vaper Expo UK Express|VAPECCINO Launched a High-watt Device Unfolding Taste and Vapor

    On 4th- 6th May, VAPECCINO was one of e-cigarette brands at The Vaper Expo UK which attracted 269 exhibitors from all corners of the globe to participate.The Expo has been recognized as the largest and most important vaping event in Europe. VAPECCINO brought 3 series of products to show on...
  17. vapeccino

    Salt E-juice Guide for Smoking Alternative

    When you ask: 1. Am I a heavy smoker(one or more packs a day)? 2. Want a more genuine smoking experience, or am I looking for something new? 3. Want smooth vapor and high nicotine? 4. Need a stronger or more subtle nicotine hit? If you were a new vaper who are confused about how to choose...
  18. vapeccino

    Find a funny picture about coils

    How do you like this picture?What kind of coils are you guys using?
  19. vapeccino

    what's your favourite e-jucie?

    Kinda curious about your favourite ejuice. Maybe i can find some good stuff here.
  20. AtouchMall

    Fumytech VAPOMIX Vaporizer E-liquid 2in1 Kit

    Vapomix is a revolutionary product that combines the effects of a personal vaporizer (allowing the inhalation of fumes from the vaporization of medicinal herbs; so the vapor does not contain any combustion substance like tar, carbon monoxide and other harmful toxins in the smoke) and an...
  21. V

    Vape Pens

    Hey guys I have got a mod but now I also want to have a device that is portable and I can easily put in my pocket. I am looking for a thin vape pen that still manages to provide good flavour and "decent" clouds and hasn't got such little airflow that I am getting a cramp in my cheeks. XD Hope...
  22. J

    Vape Mods: What They Are and Who They're For

    If you are a vaper, you might be keen on purchasing a vape mod. Or, then again you may have positively no clue what a mod is. Vape mods are ended up being helpful apparatuses in the vaping group. The best vape mods help enhance your vaping knowledge in a couple of various ways, expanding your...
  23. VeppoVapeShop

    Veppo Suorin Air - Sleek, Powerful Mini PV By Foxxcon (iPhone)

    Streamline your setup, add a reliable backup, or start with a stylish and dependable device; the Suorin Air is the device you've been waiting for! With a size that is just smaller than a credit card, the Suorin Air fits easily into a wallet or pockets...and still exhales enough vapor to fill a...
  24. R

    Temperature control coil

    Hi, im a beginner and planning to buy Eleaf Istick Pico 75W. Can someone please let me know if Eleaf EC Head Atomizer Coil 0.3ohm will be good enough for temperature control or the best coil that can be used for temperature control? I want thick clouds and good juice. (I have heard Stainless...
  25. CloudParadiseInc

    20% Off All Products Valentine's Day Sale! Coupon "CHEAPVAPES

    Cloud Paradise Inc. is having an amazing valentine's day deal. Get all of their products 20% Off! Insert Coupon "CHEAPVAPES" when checking out and get the hottest vaporizer pens and e-juices for amazingly cheap prices! <= order now!
  26. CloudParadiseInc

    Cloud Paradise Inc.- Great Deals Coming for You 20% Off All Items

    Hello Everyone, I've just opened an online website dedicated to vapes and selling vaporizers, please visit us we have exclusive offers. Enter right now and put this coupon when checking out: CHEAPVAPES and get 20% off plus free shipping!! Get this vape for just...

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