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The Vaper Expo UK Express|VAPECCINO Launched a High-watt Device Unfolding Taste and Vapor


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On 4th- 6th May, VAPECCINO was one of e-cigarette brands at The Vaper Expo UK which attracted 269 exhibitors from all corners of the globe to participate.The Expo has been recognized as the largest and most important vaping event in Europe.
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VAPECCINO brought 3 series of products to show on the spot, including pod mod, new tobacco and box mod. And it has become a spotlight brand at the Expo through VAPECCINO’s tech innovation.

V3--One for flavor, one for vapor

VAPECCINO launched a high-watt box mod which focuses on cooling system, pure taste and bigger vapor. V3 conquered most users through its purer taste and bigger vapor.

VAPECCINO’s new product--V3, is a box mod which focuses on flavor and vapor. V3 TANK adopts bidimensional core - one for flavor, one for vapor, to have balanced vaping experience for players. Additionally, Zi-cell heating element will help vaper to reduce metallic taste for better purity. A tank need powerful mod for constant vaping. Therefore V3 MOD is equipped with large-capacity battery, and with biomaterial cooling system for longer vaping.

Most users delight in the unprecedented purity and suitable vapor.

MATE1-the best mate of nicotine salt

VAPECCINO’s MATE1 is an absolutely smart vaping device, which is the first vaporizer adopting GCT against self-oxidation and e-juice carbides gluing to the coil for extending its life. And in order to express its powerful ability to deliver the original ejuice for smoother purer vapor, VAPECCINO produces another ceramic atomizer to support high VG ejuice and for no dry hit. Additionally, to better deliver the pod mod system on the spot, VAPECCINO itself blends their own nicotine salt, the flavors including green tea, mango, super mint, tobacco, coffee and mint tobacco, which obtains more compliments from users.


VAPECCINO was a e-cigarette brand star at the Osaka Expo due to their new product--MIX. This product explores a new era of new tobacco, it can support other three modes except new tobacco mode at the same time, and it possesses the whole innovative heating mode to heat sticks evenly. What’s more, its 3D chamber updates the past situation of hard to clean which has happenened to IQOS, Lil, ibuddy and other new tobacco product. Cigarette-like experience is what can be match with MIX.

MATE1 and MIX are designed for new vapers or smokers who are desired to find smoking alternative. On the contrary, V3 is for vaping player or the new vaping player.

All in all, VAPECCINO delivers a new idea depicting to bring a new kind of vaping lifestyle for human beings with technology innovation and passion to Europe.


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