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  1. 3Avape Official

    $5.49! Oukitel BISON Pod System Kit

    Product introduction The Oukitel BISON 30W Pod System Kit has a high-definition LED screen which will orderly show the battery life, vaping time, resistance, and power. This device powered by a built-in 1000mAh battery and features a power range of 10-30W. Combining a zinc-alloy chassis with...
  2. 3Avape Official

    $6.99: Asvape Zeta MTL RTA

    Product introduction Zeta RTA, with 22mm diameter, is the latest MTL (Mouth to Lung) RTA released from Asvape. The atomizer drip tip is designed as real to support large cloud, thus Asvape Zeta MTL RTA can support high salt nicotine. Parameters: Size: 22x 41.8mm Capacity: 2.5ml Connection: 510...

    Did you find the right vape pen?

    For whatever you want to vape, there are vape pens for that. But with so many different products available, finding the one that's right for you can be a chore.However, VAPE4EVER can help you find what you want. Here have many very professional vaper to answer all your vape confusion, You will...
  4. C

    New Vape Kits

    All kits are under $80 (unused) + Free shipping from Sydney.
  5. mjag

    Steam Crave Aromamizer Lite DL/MTL RTA review by Mjag

    Thank you for checking out my review of the Steam Crave Aromamizer Lite DL/MTL RTA which Steam Crave was generous enough provide. The Flavor Chasing Single Coil RTA Small and Compact 23mm Tank Designed for restrictive DL and MTL (2) 510 drip tips and 2 AFC airhole options for restricted DL &...
  6. Desire_Design

    You Made It! Desire Design Rage's Firmware Update Gets Public!

    Hey buddies! In the last post, we got much feedback and discussions from you on the Rage firmware update, you know what, Desire Design team has immediately sit on and taken this seriously to the table. And this time, we're coming back with an answer! An elaborate instruction of firmware update...
  7. Desire_Design

    Announcement! The Rage Squonk's Firmware Update Gets Public!

    Hello! Since we got much feedback and discussions from VU vapers of the Rage firmware update, Desire Design team has immediately sit on and decided to work out an elaborate instruction of firmware update for public use. Now, we're ready. Please check and read through this page, finish the...
  8. Desire_Design

    First Day as a Listed VU Vendor! Come Say Hi to Desire Design.

    Greetings to all vapers!! Welcome you guys stop by and say hi to us anytime you want. We read each post here, and want to make sure we're helpful for you, all we do is to make vaping enjoyment, and make your day. Importantly, as we just got so many responses in the Unlisted Vendor Forum under...
  9. Desire_Design

    Need Your Feedback and Suggestions on Desire Design!

    Hello! Desire Design as a dedicated manufacturer in vapes for many years has been working with distributors across the world for supplying vape products. In order to get closer to the users of our products, learn their real feedback on our products and services and provide timely help, finally...
  10. mjag

    Wotofo Profile Unity RTA review by Mjag

    Wotofo is at it again, bringing mesh to the masses with the Profile Unity RTA. Once again designed by the Profile RDA guru MrJustRight1 and adding Brian Herb fromThe Vapor Chronicles, designer of the Drop RDA, Dovpo Topside and other cool gear. Specifications: Diameter: 25mm Overall Height...
  11. Jason Smith

    Recommended vaporizer

    which vaporizer do you recommend?
  12. Jason Smith

    How to choose e-juice?

    How to choose e-juice?
  13. Thinkvape_Official

    Can you VAPE while you're SICK?

    Can you VAPE while you're SICK? Check out the video by and comment your idea. FOLLOW US! Instagram - @thinkvape_official Twitter - @thinkvape Facebook -
  14. VaporJoe

    Vaping Underground Vape Bands - First come First Serve.

    We did a run on Vaping Underground Vape Bands. Vaping Underground is the largest vaping forum in the world. We rarely sell shwag but we have a ton of vape bands that we would like to share with everyone. When you include shipping, shipping supplies, and cost to make -- your basically...
  15. Vaptio Official

    Welcome to Vaptio Booth No. B222 In Vaper Expo UK 2018

    Welcome to Vaptio Booth No. B222 In Vaper Expo UK 2018 Booth Name: Vaper Expo UK Booth No.: B222 Time: Oct. 26 - 28 Welcome to view our latest vape products and win big prizes!
  16. Thinkvape_Official

    Thor Pro 220W Mod

    Thor Pro 220W Mod All family members of the Thor Pro 220W Mod reunited. Have you already ordered one?
  17. mjag

    Hcigar WildWolf 235 box mod review by Mjag...No DNA no problem?

    Hcigar has been around for awhile, mostly known for there DNA mods in the past but they have taken a different approach with the Wildwolf 235. No DNA chip this time, instead there own chip so let's take a look at how it performs. Available in 5 colors: Everything is controlled via the...
  18. Thinkvape_Official

    Chinese Mid-autumn Festival (24th, September)

    Happy Chinese Mid-autumn Festival (24th, September) Best wishes for all of you, and your family. Be with your beloved ones and enjoy the day and the full moon . Don't forget to have some moon-cake . By the way, do you know any legend story related to Mid-autumn festival? Or do you have any...
  19. vapeccino

    10 Cigarette Events Need to be Noticed While Smoking When You’re Alive

    You may be old, you may be sick, you may be young, you may be energetic, you may be on business, if you haven’t died due to smoking yet, it is vital for you to read the following 10 cigarette events. 10 As we know, conventional cigarette is a shortcut to close to the hell. Nowadays, because of...
  20. vapeccino

    Smoke in Your Room and Get Caught by Your Girlfriend? My God!

    Covering up the smell of smoke can be difficult. It can’t be made even more difficult if you live with your girlfriend. My god, my girlfriend always notice something even though I smoke outsides. Because she hates me to smoke and blames that I don’t care about myself, but you know, for most of...
  21. vapeccino

    Prevalence All Over the World: The Most Considerate Cigarette Helps Quit Smoking with VAPECCINO Heat

    How do you wake up without smoking? The moment we wake up, we can’t turn our head. Sometimes, smoking is able to light up our brain, and which can fulfill our craving. Because in the morning, as for a smoker, no smoking makes you lazy like a panda. But we all know, tobacco smoke contains...
  22. vapeccino

    An 10-year Smoker Review for Heat-not-Burn Device: What is better, IQOS, lil or MIX?

    In 2014, a heat-not-burn (HNB) tobacco product, IQOS, was first launched in Japan and Italy as test markets and is currently in commerce over 30 countries. According to research from Philip Morris International(PMI), the world tobacco giant announced that the level of harmful chemicals released...
  23. vapeccino

    TOP 4 Nicotine Salt Juice Pod Mod in 2018

    Inhale nicotine salt, which is beneficial to make a replacement to cigarette. Compared to nicotine juice, nicotine salt juice is known as high nicotine strength and satisfying throat hit and make it perfect for smokers who are new to vaping. In order to vaporize freshest, boldest steam, you...
  24. YCVAPE

    YCVAPE Company News & Products Updates

    You may know, or you may not know, cause YCVAPE is a newly established brand. YCVAPE launch some popular high-quality e-cigarettes to realize the popularity of YCVAPE. No matter the vaping consumers or the original brand owners or the designers, you can experience our products through 3fvape...
  25. mjag

    Geekvape Zeus Dual RTA review by Mjag...Better than the original?

    Thank you for taking the time to view my review of the Geekvape Zeus Dual RTA which was sent free of charge by for the purpose if this review. Just a ton of o'rings and 3 spare slot screws included. A pair of Alpha Braid coils included as well. This is for the bubble...
  26. vapeccino

    The Vaper Expo UK Express|VAPECCINO Launched a High-watt Device Unfolding Taste and Vapor

    On 4th- 6th May, VAPECCINO was one of e-cigarette brands at The Vaper Expo UK which attracted 269 exhibitors from all corners of the globe to participate.The Expo has been recognized as the largest and most important vaping event in Europe. VAPECCINO brought 3 series of products to show on...
  27. vapeccino

    Salt E-juice Guide for Smoking Alternative

    When you ask: 1. Am I a heavy smoker(one or more packs a day)? 2. Want a more genuine smoking experience, or am I looking for something new? 3. Want smooth vapor and high nicotine? 4. Need a stronger or more subtle nicotine hit? If you were a new vaper who are confused about how to choose...
  28. mjag

    Modefined Lyra 200W Box Mod review by Mjag...Lost Vape quality?

    Thanks for taking the time to check out my review of the Modefined Lyra 200W Box Mod which was sent to me by the fine folks at Specs: Temperature Limit: 2-600F/100- 300°C 1.3” Full Colour Screen Output power: 7Watts – 200Watts Max charging current: 1A Max output current...
  29. mjag

    Joyetech eGo AIO ECO review by Mjag

    Thanks for taking a look at my review of the Joyetech eGo AIO ECO which was sent to me directly from Joyetech for the purpose of this review. Specs: Diameter: 14mm Height: 113.0mm Weight: 37.5g E-liquid Capacity: 1.20ml Coil head: BFHN 0.5ohm head Max charging current: 1A Output mode...
  30. TheVapesDude

    Sonset E-Liquid by Cosmic Fog - £5.00/10ml

    ▪Become a Vapes Dude and indulge yourself with FREE DELIVERY and get 25% OFF when signing up to our mailing list▪ Sonset E-Liquid by Cosmic Fog £5.00 A vape that can transport your body and soul to a spring time Fiji sunset. We started with a purée of Japanese Nashi pears and blended it with...
  31. mjag

    Coil Master Elfy RTA review by Mjag....Time to get your 22mm mods out!

    Thanks for taking the time to check out my review of the Coil Master Elfy RTA which was sent to me directly from Coil Master. Features: Designed for flavoring taste and cloudy vaping Funnel-shape designed delrin drip tip Air-releasing top fill design Dual adjustable air flow control...
  32. mjag

    Vandy Vape Kylin Mini RTA review by Mjag....The single coil RTA to beat?

    Thank you for taking the time to view my review on the Vandy Vape Kylin Mini which was sent to me from Vandy Vape for the purpose of this review. You can find more info here: What you get Now I got a trial production unit and as stated...
  33. mjag

    Freemax Fireluke Mesh review by Mjag. Will it finally be what gets mesh popular?

    Mesh saw a resurgence last year with some RDA's and a RTA, I personally only reviewed one, the Cthulhu Azeroth RDA. With some trial and error mesh can be good but my experience didn't have me wanting to buy any mesh tanks I could get my hands on. Freemax has entered the mesh fray with the...
  34. mjag

    Joyetech Espion mod with ProCore X tank review by Mjag. Good or blah?

    Sometimes you get a surprise delivery, it can be good or bad. I did not know Joyetech had sent me the Espion mod with ProCore X kit until it showed up....let's find out if this is one of those good or bad surprises. What you get Espion mod ProCore X tank ProC1 (0.4ohm) head preinstalled...
  35. mjag

    Artery PAL AIO kit review by Mjag

    Received the Artery PAL kit from the fine folks at Artery directly for an honest opinion. While MTL devices are generally not my thing it intrigued me as it looks like a Billet Box which goes for over $250 and awhile back was all the rage, even the clones were expensive. While already available...
  36. mjag

    Joyetech ATOPACK Dolphin review by Mjag

    Thank you for taking the time to view my review of the Atopack Dolphin which was sent to me directly from Joyetech for the purpose of this review. Note: Please excuse any typos or just plain psycho talk, had the notes and pics for this review ready to go last week but with Christmas just could...
  37. mjag

    Ehpro 200 Fusion Mod review by Mjag. Does it perform? Let's take a look

    I received this from.....not sure exactly who, it came to me as a surprise in the same package as the Artery PAL AIO (review coming soon) so I am going to assume it is the same company, Artery and Ehpro? Ehpro does have a website that happens to be down as I write this though:
  38. mjag

    Gemz Prime Mover RTA review by Mjag

    Hello once again and thank you for taking the time to view my review of the Gemz Prime Mover RTA that was sent to me by my friends at Specs: 3ml capacity (both in tall and short mode) 24mm diameter 42mm high in short mode, 53mm in tall mode 304 SS Colors...
  39. vapeccino

    Find a funny picture about coils

    How do you like this picture?What kind of coils are you guys using?
  40. kimsunecig

    Buy One Get One Free in THE VAPER EXPO UK OCTOBER 2017

    It's KIMSUN GIVEAWAY time!!! TEN KIMSUN SLIM2R KITS FOR GIVEAWAY!!! HOW: A: Follow & like KIMSUN facebook page! B: Like & share this post on your facebook! C-2: Post a picture on our comments with our KIMSUN invitation card, or with KIMSUN booth as your background. D: Gifts will be...
  41. AtouchMall - A Class Level,Touch The Best

    Hello everyone, Lincoln Zhang from AtouchMall - Shenzhen A-touch Electronic Co.,Ltd. Nice to meet you guys We started e-cigarettes wholesale business from 2012. What a huge wonderful business those years. I and my partner Jennifer Lu just graduated from college for 1year when we found A-touch...
  42. VapeTool

    Calculator for coil building

    Hey guys! I’ve made a useful calculator for vapers, which will be very helpful while building coils. There are different types of coils: Normal, Micro, Juggernaut, Clapton, Fused Clapton and Ribbon. You can build your own coils, save them and share with friends! If you have any...
  43. dubcvapor

    Multiple Bottle Discount on All eLiquid Brands!

    Buy 2 Bottles, Get 10% off Buy 3 Bottles, Get 15% off Buy 4+ Bottles, Get 20% off
  44. T

    I just launched VaperView, a review site for the Vape Community - open for Beta

    Hey all :) So, 3 weeks ago my old Mod's fire button broke and together with some other small problems I had with it, I was kinda glad to start searching for a new one. While searching for New Mods and reviews I was astonished that I couldn't find a place where actual Vapers reviewed mods, only...
  45. redjason22reviews

    ENDED - Ejuice Giveaway - 1/29

    I started up my YouTube channel after a couple years of Instagram @redjason22 Please feel free to check out the giveaway and enter in!
  46. gbalkam

    How to build you first basic coil for new vapers

    Just like the title says, this is for brand new vapers who are thinking they might like to try building a coil. Consider this learning to take your first step. Even the fastest runner on the planet had to learn to take that first step. This is the basis for all other coil builds, therefore...
  47. SirChalice

    Not New to Vaping But New To The Community

    Hello Guys and Girls, I'm Barry West I also go by Sir Chalice, from North Jersey and I consider myself a moderate/advanced vaper. I buy RDA's and Mechs that state that the mods are for advanced users only but then I have to go to my brother to get intricate builds. I can make a pair of fused...
  48. Ave40

    The 1st Asian Vaper Games Episode Continues

    Here are games to have fun with your vaping gears as, they are more than devices that vapes! Games rules are easy to follow, as long as you’ve got a mod and tank that woks, anybody above legal smoking age could play with your close ones, tell us which game you like most! Besides, in the...
  49. Cacuqecig

    What Type of Vaper Are You?

    Hello everyone today we will talk an interesting topic relevant to all of you. That is what type of vapers are you? I read the passage on Vaping 360 and know there are some certain type of vapers around the world. First , we will discuss what are vapers. Vapers are those who vape in daily life...
  50. Phatz

    Sicboy part 2

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