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10 Cigarette Events Need to be Noticed While Smoking When You’re Alive


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You may be old, you may be sick, you may be young, you may be energetic, you may be on business, if you haven’t died due to smoking yet, it is vital for you to read the following 10 cigarette events.

As we know, conventional cigarette is a shortcut to close to the hell. Nowadays, because of cigarette innovation, new tobacco is well-known shortcut to smoking cessation.

Heating new tobacco produces 50-90 percent of less harmful chemicals with the help of heated-not-burned device ,which had been proved by many scientific organizations such as British Study, The Committee on Toxicity.

Until the end of 2017, heated tobacco had helped about 5 million smokers to switch from smoking to vaping successfully.

World tobacco giant invented heated tobacco device, although they still have updated a new version, but they still use heater blade to heat tobacco, the charring ratio is still weaker than VAPECCINO MIX because their heating mode is different.


MIX is capable of pairing with all new tobacco with better flavor, throat hit and vapor.


Rolling Cigarette vs International Most Popular Device vs Korean Most Popular Device


Rolling Cigarette vs International Most Popular Device vs Korean Most Popular Device


Rolling Cigarette vs International Most Popular Device vs Korean Most Popular Device

When new tobacco heated from inside to outside causes inconsistent taste because of being heated unevenly. On the contrary, if the tobacco stick was heated from bottom to top, like burning a normal cigarette, the tobacco would be charred totally. And MIX is the only device to do so among most device in the world for its vertical 3D conduction.

From scientific research, the lifespan of people living in cold climate may be longer, but it may be offset by inhaling smoke. With the help, a lot harmful chemicals would avoid . MIX is available to work below 0℃, but the most popular device all over the world can't. MIX with LG battery add extra active materials and specialized low-temp electrolyte able to be operated from -20℃ to 65℃;

The lower temp to heat tobacco plug it is, the less hazards to inner body it is, and the true tobacco taste would be released. Normal cigarette is ignited at about 600℃, and burn at higher level(more than 900℃). As for new tobacco, it is preheated at about 350℃, and higher than that of when heating. All new tobacco devices do abide by this theory. Particularly, MIX’s heating point among them is the lowest , which is famous for smart temperature control.

When heated, new tobacco will produce water, glycerol, nicotine and less tar and odor.


If you never notice benefits of new tobacco with heated-not-burned device, you never understand there is a shortcut to help quit smoking.


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