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  1. autopartsteve

    ISOQ Charger& FQOS heat stick welcome partner &distributor

    This is Steven zheng from Forgusen Technology in Shenzhen,China. Our company is the original factory of FQOS Heat stick unit, a kind of electronic products. FQOS is another patent design of Heatstick in our factory. FQOS Only competitor in the global market is IQOS,developped by Philip Morris...
  2. vapeccino

    10 Cigarette Events Need to be Noticed While Smoking When You’re Alive

    You may be old, you may be sick, you may be young, you may be energetic, you may be on business, if you haven’t died due to smoking yet, it is vital for you to read the following 10 cigarette events. 10 As we know, conventional cigarette is a shortcut to close to the hell. Nowadays, because of...
  3. vapeccino

    Smoke in Your Room and Get Caught by Your Girlfriend? My God!

    Covering up the smell of smoke can be difficult. It can’t be made even more difficult if you live with your girlfriend. My god, my girlfriend always notice something even though I smoke outsides. Because she hates me to smoke and blames that I don’t care about myself, but you know, for most of...
  4. vapeccino

    Prevalence All Over the World: The Most Considerate Cigarette Helps Quit Smoking with VAPECCINO Heat

    How do you wake up without smoking? The moment we wake up, we can’t turn our head. Sometimes, smoking is able to light up our brain, and which can fulfill our craving. Because in the morning, as for a smoker, no smoking makes you lazy like a panda. But we all know, tobacco smoke contains...
  5. vapeccino

    An 10-year Smoker Review for Heat-not-Burn Device: What is better, IQOS, lil or MIX?

    In 2014, a heat-not-burn (HNB) tobacco product, IQOS, was first launched in Japan and Italy as test markets and is currently in commerce over 30 countries. According to research from Philip Morris International(PMI), the world tobacco giant announced that the level of harmful chemicals released...
  6. vapeccino

    Heat-not-Burn VAPECCINO MIX Official Review, Support IQOS HeatSticks, Fiit, Ploom Tech and Vape, Hea

    In 2018, VAPECCINO launches a HnB device which serves new tobacco “cate” for smoking alternative users. VAPECCINO MIX Official Video Review: MIX, a heat-not-burn device supports IQOS HeatSticks, HEETS, Fiit, Ploom Tech Capsules and Vape. And now we review this multifunctional device through...
  7. B

    My Vaping Timeline - New Member

    Hi guys - I hope I can give a background story based on my personal experiences since starting vaping. Throughout my years of smoking, I haven't really felt any major issues perhaps because I am still relatively young. I have never had a smokers cough, and generally felt very well. However...
  8. T

    I want to know the real name of this product.

    It is a product that can be attached to an existing electronic cigarette battery instead of an atomizer and can vape a iqos heats stick. This product is manufactured in China, and "이마그마(E-Magma)" is distributed in Korea under its fake name. I want to know the original name of this product.
  9. elegomall

    Ibuddy I1, heat-no-burn tec , what a good news for smokers who want to QUIT SMOKING

    Elegomall is so glad to introduce a new heat-no-burn device to you smokers/new vapers who don't get used to vaping yet, the I1 from Ibuddy. We all know vaping may be the best way to get rid of cigarettes, but the market report turns us down by saying "about 9% greenhorn to vape will get up...
  10. Ms. Trixy

    Meet Philip Morris and their new iQOS

    Yeah. Try and figure this one out.

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