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Prevalence All Over the World: The Most Considerate Cigarette Helps Quit Smoking with VAPECCINO Heat


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How do you wake up without smoking?

The moment we wake up, we can’t turn our head. Sometimes, smoking is able to light up our brain, and which can fulfill our craving.

Because in the morning, as for a smoker, no smoking makes you lazy like a panda.


But we all know, tobacco smoke contains more than 7,000 chemicals, and at least 250 are harmful to both smokers and nonsmokers.

For most of us, we had tried to quit smoking, but it is still hard to escape from nicotine addiction.

According to the United States Surgeon General, although about 45% of smokers quit for a day, only approximately 5% succeed in achieving long-term abstinence for year or longer.

It is hard to quit smoking. However, something changed since 2014.

2014, Smoking Cessation Born


PHILIP MORRIS INTERNATIONAL(PMI) invented IQOS to help smokers opt to relatively health heated tobacco system. At the heart of IQOS are sophisticated electronics that heat specially designed heating tobacco units--Marlboro.

From the PMI 2017 financial report, IQOS is available over 30 countries, nearly 5 million estimated adult consumers around the world have already stopped smoking and made the change to IQOS. And marketing share of heated tobacco units has increased to 2.8%, 1.2%,13.9%, 5.5%, 1.5%, 1.9% and 1.2% respectively in Greece, Italy, Korea, Japan, Portugal, Romania and Switzerland.


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Why new tobacco is so popular?

Heated Tobacco Versus Conventional Cigarette


Cigarette consists of tobacco, cigarette filter, imitation cork tip paper and cigarette paper.


New tobacco is comprised of tobacco plug, outer paper, hollow acetate tube, PLA to cool vapor temperature and filter.


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The instruction in both new tobacco and conventional cigarette is almost similar. However, new tobacco stick contains much smaller amounts of tobacco compared with a cigarette.

The weight of tobacco plug in the tobacco stick is approximately 320mg compared with the 550-700 mg cut-filler found in conventional cigarettes. The reconstituted tobacco cast-leaf is fashioned into a unique and independent filters: a polymer-film filter to cool the aerosol and a low-density cellulose acetate mouthpiece filter to mimic the sensory aspect of cigarette.


Igniting Versus Heating

Tobacco smoke contains more than 7,000 chemicals, and at least 250 are not to harmful to both smokers and nonsmokers. when a cigarette is lit, the combination of tobacco(fuel) and oxygen in the air generates a self-sustaining combustion process that consumes the tobacco.


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During the period between puffs, the tobacco smolders at temperature ranging from 600-800℃ in the center of the combustion zone, during a puff, the temperature increases to more than 900℃ at the periphery of the combustion zone, the combustion of tobacco results in formation of heat, smoke and ash.


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The smoke formed is a complex aerosol mixture estimated to contain more than 8000 compounds.

In the contrast, the operating temperature of HnB product is substantially lower than that required to cause ignition and combustion of tobacco and the temperature measured in the tobacco does not exceed 300℃,which will produce much less harmful chemicals, including less tar.

Moreover, lower- temperature heating releases the true taste of heated tobacco.


Composition of Cigarette Smoke Versus HnB Aerosol


Due to the controlled operating temperature of heater in HnB, the vapor is formed principally by the evaporation of water, nicotine and glycerin from the tobacco. and the nicotine is smaller than others.

Because nicotine exists, you will get same throat hit like smoking, but could you vape consistent vapor or flavor or get throat hit?

Now it is about the heating system.


(The picture is from Internet)

How to Heat a Stick like A Rolling Cigarette?


From above, we had realized that new tobacco has taken an advantage of familiar instruction for throat hit, flavor, and vapor, less harmful chemicals and aerosol.

If New tobacco were heated like burning a cigarette, is it more helpful to quit smoking?


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Nowadays, neither IQOS nor lil heating the stick in heated blade or heater pin which heats the stick from inside to outside is capable of charring the stick totally at last. As a result, it will cause unsatisfactory tobacco taste and wasteful plug.


(The picture is from Internet)


We need a device which chars the tobacco like burning the cigarette from bottom to top.


(The picture is from Internet)

Now, VAPECCINO MIX is the first product adopting vertical 3D conduction, heating the stick from bottom to top to produce consistent and pure flavor, throat hit and vapor. The stick would be charred totally and the taste is always even better than the first puff. This is a new technology to heat the tobacco.


Furthermore,VAPECCINO always goes before the development of new technology. MIX was equipped with self-developed chipset to master the smart heating temperature below 300℃, which is lower than IQOS’(350℃), producing less harmful chemicals and delivering the most real tobacco taste for users.



It is more easier for new tobacco to smoking cessation. Otherwise, you just haven’t noticed that current technology will help you a lot.

New tobacco with MIX gives you the taste of throat hit like cigarette, flavors, bigger vapor and less harmful chemicals. Everything is better than cigarette.

Therefore, new tobacco heated by MIX is the most considerate smoking cessation for you!


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