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An 10-year Smoker Review for Heat-not-Burn Device: What is better, IQOS, lil or MIX?


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In 2014, a heat-not-burn (HNB) tobacco product, IQOS, was first launched in Japan and Italy as test markets and is currently in commerce over 30 countries. According to research from Philip Morris International(PMI), the world tobacco giant announced that the level of harmful chemicals released by HnB products is 90-95% lower than in cigarette smoke , which produces no fire, less ash and odor. Most smokers evaluated that HnB product will replace conventional cigarette.


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In 2017, KT&G invented lil and produced Fiit to help Koreans to quit smoking. Now the prevalence of Fiit has exceeded HEETS and IQOS Marboro HeatSticks.

In 2018, VAPECCINO MIX, another heat-not-burn device, was designed in Shenzhen, China, and it is capable of paying tribute to IQOS and lil, because MIX’s heating element is different from them and makes tobacco plug charred more efficient than IQOS and lil’s.


VAPECCINO’s engineers has developed MIX for almost 2 years. MIX was first launched and popular at VAPE EXPO JAPAN. Since then, VAPECCINO collected users’ suggestions and spent another 3 months in updating MIX. Now it will trigger another impressive heat-not-burn innovation.


In order to verify this innovation, VAPECCINO had invited several sophisticated smokers to review conventional cigarette,IQOS, MIX and lil. Henry, one reviewer who has smoked for eight years among them, sharing his own opinion to the public.


Henry Shares:

I am a virgin before meeting with her--IQOS

Before August 2016, I was a vaping virgin until I met with new tobacco while traveling in Japan and bought IQOS from its specialty store in Tokyo. I am not a cigarette virgin, but switch from traditional cigarette to new tobacco when vaping IQOS for a short time even though I had smoked for eight years. Since then, I had vaped three heat-not-burn devices, including IQOS, lil and MIX.

Why I choose Heat-not-burn Device

I do believe that innovative tobacco technology capable of helping quitting cigarette, because it is healthier. Additionally, I am satisfied with throat hit, vapor, flavor, and vaping duration when vaping, which all is to simulate traditional cigarette’s feelings, but not fire, less odor and ash. Therefore, new tobacco is able to replace cigarette and help quit smoking.

I will compare traditional cigarette with MIX, IQOS and lil through these five points and you will know details.



According to research from Philip Morris International(PMI), the world tobacco giant announced that the level of harmful chemicals released by HnB products is 90-95% lower than in cigarette smoke , which produces no fire, no ash and less odor. I will show you the filter conversion of unused and heated stick between traditional cigarette and new tobacco.


As comparison shown at the picture, the tar produced by new tobacco is much less than traditional cigarette.



MIX: Flavor of the first two puffs is milder than IQOS’, but with relatively rich tobacco aroma. It is filled with distinctive smoky aroma like the taste of rolling cigarette when at 3-8 puffs. And the flavor is more aromatic and concentrated than IQOS’. Generally, it tends to be more robust at middle-level smoky aroma while at 9-18 puffs. As for sticks heated by MIX, it tastes just like it smells. As for IQOS, its taste stands at relatively straight line and begin to weaken at the last puff.

IQOS: When using IQOS, the first eight puffs will be more aromatic, but it will produce the blend of flavor at 9-14 puffs, which is caused by its heating mode, IQOS is equipped with heater blade and heats a stick from inside to outside, so it will roast the heated tobacco again and again, and then produce burning taste. On the contrary, MIX adopts vertical 3D conduction to char the stick and ratio of charring degree is 3 times higher than that of IQOS. The puff is purer.

lil: The first three puffs is more than that of IQOS, which taste stands between MIX and IQOS, but its heater pin will produce weaker flavor to stimulate the tongue too much which will affect vaping experience.

Throat Hit


When vaping MIX, the throat hit of it is smoother than IQOS’at the first two puffs, but it will grow when vaping from the third puff with strong throat hit and rich flavor. Nicotine and aromatic tobacco linger in the mouth, flow into chest and then spit out from the oral cavity to satisfy my cigarette addiction.

As for lil, it will be much stronger than IQOS.

All of them is to simulate the cigarette taste and the vaping draw is as tight as cigarette’s. The only difference is that the new tobacco can’t produce ash and funky scent.



For bigger vapor and more flavor options, MIX is designed with new tobacco+vape mode. However, we just compare them in new tobacco mode, vapor produced by MIX is twice bigger than that of IQOS when vaping among 3-15 puffs, even bigger than traditional cigarette’s. lil stands at extremely steep reduction line.

Duration of Vaping One Stick


It is important to determine whether you can convert traditional cigarette to new tobacco which is relatively healthier. One traditional(rolling) cigarette is available to vape 12-15 puffs, MIX is 18 puffs as much, IOQS and lil presents their vaping duration at 14 puffs and 18 puffs as much respectively.

Details of IQOS, lil and MIX



As conclusion, every feeling is just like what you can get from cigarette, which is more easier for you to quit traditional cigarette. As a smoker, no matter how tobacco changes, we are still accustomed to throat hit, bigger vapor, cigarette flavor and smoking duration. Of course, I choose HnB product, as for health, it is priceless once you harm your body too much, no matter how much you cost. And MIX is in higher cost-performance ratio. Because on the one hand, it will give you the most efficient tobacco plug charring in the world and give you consistent and pure puffs, on the another hand, bigger vapor and more flavor options will create vaping experience like even beyond real cigarette.



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