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  1. elegomall

    LINVO Christmas Carnival - Join To Win Surprise Gifts

    Christmas is upcoming, have you decorated your house? We LINVO have decorated our website and you can have fun by joining our activity. There is a chance for you to win a big gift box for free. Just DIY your Christmas poster on LINVO website, and then download the poster to share on your social...
  2. elegomall

    LINVO TOUCH 6000 - Best Box Disposable Pod

    Let's welcome the 3rd member of LINVO Touch Series - TOUCH 6000, which is the first 6000 puffs disposable vape from LINVO. LINVO is rapidly expanding its product line. Now it has rich products for customer's options. TOUCH 6000 inherits the leather design of the Touch Series, this new...
  3. elegomall

    LINVO TOUCH 5000 - Leather Touch Disposable Pod

    Soon after we released the TOUCH 3500 disposable Pod, we also released a larger puffs device - TOUCH 5000. Same as the TOUCH 3500, it is also made of top-level leather, giving you a comfortable hand feel. 5000 puffs' vaping can let you have long-lasting enjoyment, and you will fall in love with...
  4. elegomall

    LINVO TOUCH 5000 - Leather Touch Disposable Pod

    Soon after we released the TOUCH 3500 disposable Pod, we also released a larger puffs device - TOUCH 5000. Same as the TOUCH 3500, it is also made of top-level leather, giving you a comfortable hand feel. 5000 puffs' vaping can let you have long-lasting enjoyment, and you will fall in love with...
  5. elegomall

    LINVO Pod Lite Pod Kit- Best Rechargeable Disposable Vape

    In order to meet the market's demand for cost-effective & eco-friendly vapes, here comes the Pod Lite from LINVO, which is replaceable and rechargeable. Made of aluminum alloy, pod lite is more durable and more comfortable. The triangle shape design makes it stand out from other pod kits. It...
  6. Joyetech USA

    Bantam e-liquid - $12.99(28% Off)

    Hi, Now Joyetech offers big discounts for Bantam & Juice Head. Bantam or Bantam Salts ($12.99) Juice Head Salts ($14.99) & Juice Head ($16.99)
  7. elegomall

    New Arrival: SMOK RPM 85 & RPM 100 Pod Kit

    Let's welcome the latest 2 members of the RPM Family from SMOK - RPM 85 & RPM 100. Just like the RPM 5 & RPM 5 Pro which come in similar designs, the RPM 85 & RPM 100 also have almost the same outline design. However, the RPM 85 has a built-in 3000mAh battery, while the RPM 100 is powered by an...
  8. elegomall

    Uwell Caliburn X Review - Upgraded Version of Caliburn Series

    Here comes an upgraded product of the Uwell Caliburn Series - CALIBURN X. It is a powerful pod system. And it will be loved by people who like a portable vape with multiple functions. CALIBURN X has a larger e-liquid and battery capacity and a wider output power range, which makes it deliver a...
  9. A

    Vaping Online!

    Allinvapor an online platform for overseas purchase of e-cigarettes, was jointly founded by the organizers of tobacco shows and vaper expos in the US, UK, Germany and France, aiming at extending the offline exhibition time through an online platform. With more than 350,000 Certified...
  10. elegomall

    Vaporesso Zero S Review - New Member of Zero Series

    ZERO S is the latest generation of the Vaporesoo ZERO series. It has the same shape as the original ZERO. The ZERO series are all very simple for use, making them perfectly suitable for beginners or vapers looking for a simple device to take with them on the go. Let's check out what’s new for...
  11. elegomall

    Uwell CRAVAT Review - Slimmest Product From Uwell

    This month, UWELL released a new pod system - CRAVAT, which is UWELL’s slimmest product. Thanks to its 9mm ultra-slim body and 20g ultra-light weight, you can take it everywhere in your pocket or bag without a bulge. Compared with disposables, Uwell CRAVAT's cost advantage is more evident for...
  12. elegomall

    New Arrival: SMOK IGEE A1 Pod Kit

    Let's welcome the latest pod system from SMOK - IGEE A1, which provides a fabulous vaping experience and offers incredible flavor production. Made of anodic oxidation aluminum materials, the IGEE A1 is smooth, sleek, and compact. The IGEE A1 Cartridge has a built-in 0.9ohm coil that doesn't...
  13. elegomall

    Uwell Whirl S2 Review - New Generation of Uwell Whirl S

    Let's welcome a new member of the Whirl S series from Uwell - Whirl S2, which inherits the pen-shaped design of Whirl S. What's new for the Whirl S2? Let's check it out. Made of aluminum alloy, the Whirl S2 has a smooth surface, which makes the shell comfortable to touch. And with a weight of...
  14. elegomall

    LINVO TOUCH 3500 - Rechargeable Leather Disposable Vape

    Recently, LINVO(also named VBAR before) launched a new product - TOUCH 3500, which will be a blockbuster product of LINVO in 2022. Just as the name suggests, TOUCH 3500 has a significant improvement on the grip, when you touch it, you will have a very comfortable hand feeling. Supporting 3500...
  15. elegomall

    New Arrival: Vandy Vape PULSE AIO.5 Pod Kit

    Let's welcome a new arrival from Vandy Vape - Pulse AIO.5, an update to the recent Pulse AIO kit. It is an ideal kit for vapers who like DIY. There are 2 versions for your choices: one comes with PULSE VESSEL Pre-built Tank, and the other one comes with PULSE Vessel RBA Tank. Compared with the...
  16. elegomall

    Uwell Caliburn A2S Review - New Caliburm Member With Flicker Logo

    Let's welcome the latest member of the Caliburn Family from Uwell - Caliburn A2S, which comes with a visible window like Caliburn A2 & Caliburn G2. A significant change on Caliburn A2S is that it comes in a lights-consisted logo. The CALIBURN logo will flash during the vaping process. With...
  17. elegomall

    Vaporesso LUXE QS Review - The Most Compact RDTL Pod System

    Soon after the release of LUXE X, Vaporesso recently released another Luxe member - LUXE QS, which supports real RDTL vaping with 0.6Ω MESH Pod. Besides the 0.6Ω MESH Pod, the LUXE QS has a 1.0Ω MESH Pod included. Also, it is compatible with both the 0.8Ω MESH Pod and 1.2Ω Pod from the original...
  18. elegomall

    Vaporesso LUXE X Review - Best Pod System for MTL/DTL Vaping

    Let's welcome a new member of "LUXE Family" from Vaporesso - LUXE X, which is the most compact, simple, stylish DTL pod kit. The futuristic transparent design makes LUXE X stand out from other products. Besides, it is equipped with innovative technologies such as COREX Heating Tech, SSS...
  19. elegomall

    Special Offers For New Wholesaler on ElegoMall

    ElegoMall prepared special offers for new wholesalers! If you are doing vape business, it’s a great time to save money on your purchase now. Placing your first order during the period of 25 July to 25 August, you can enjoy a discount up to 4% off. Promotion Time: 25th Jul. - 25th Aug. (GMT+8)...
  20. elegomall

    SMOK Solus 2 Review - Updated Version of SMOK Solus

    Solus is one of the compact pod system series of SMOK. Here comes its second generation - Solus 2, which has a dual airflow design. You can enjoy RDL/MTL vaping by rotating the Solus 2 cartridge by 180 degrees. It is also compatible with the original Solus cartridge so that you can have more...
  21. elegomall

    SMOK Novo 2X Review - New Member of Novo Family

    Here comes a new member of "Novo Family" from SMOK - Novo 2X, which inherits the common features of Novo series, it is also purely draw-activated. The biggest upgrade on Novo 2X is that it comes with an airflow adjustment slider, allowing you to experience the most anticipated flavor and vapor...
  22. elegomall

    New Arrival: VOOPOO VMATE E & VMATE Infinity Edition

    The VMATE family of VOOPOO is growing. Here comes 2 new members recently: VMATE E & VMATE Infinity Edition. These 2 products use the upgraded VMATE Cartridge. The unique 5A Freshness-Seal technique brings you a constant fresh flavor and sanitary vaping experience. This VMATE Cartridge V2 comes...
  23. elegomall

    SMOK Nord 5 Review - New member of Nord Family

    Let's welcome the new member of Nord Family from SMOK - Nord 5. Nord series has got 7 products by now. What's new for the Nord 5? The Smok Nord 5 retains the classic compact design of Nord series. It is a good choice for vapers looking for a compact pod kit that provides DL vaping and dense...
  24. elegomall

    Smoant VIKII PRO Review - Ultra Light Pod System

    Here comes a new pod system from Smoant - VIKII PRO, which inherits VIKII's affordable cost & ultra light design. You may be curious about the difference between VIKII PRO and the original VIKII which was released nearly 2 years ago. Now let's take a closer look in this review. What can we...
  25. elegomall

    SMOK MAG-18 Review - New Member of MAG Family

    Over 2 years after the release of Mag P3, SMOK eventually released a new generation of MAG Series - MAG-18. The MAG-18 retains noticeable features of the MAG series, it is crafted in a combination of metal and leather that reflects a high level of craftsmanship. The Mag-18 has a maximum power...
  26. elegomall


    Disposable vapes have quickly become the most popular style of e-cigarette over these few years. Thus, LINVO, a vape brand that focus on producing disposable vapes was born on demand. Even though disposable vapes have been around for over a decade, it’s only in recent years that technology has...
  27. elegomall

    Vaporesso OSMALL 2 - The 2nd Generation of Vaporesso OSMALL

    let's welcome the 2nd generation of Vaporesso OSMALL - OSMALL 2, an MTL pod system providing high nicotine satisfaction and extending the longevity of usage. OSMALL 2 is fully compatible with the original OSMALL pod. The SSS Leak-Resistant Technology and 29% bigger battery capacity guarantee a...
  28. wismecus

    47% off($14.99)for Motiv 2 Pod Kit(at latest reply

    Save $26 immediately! Buy $65.99 SINUOUS SW with Elabo SW with $39.99 pe
  29. elegomall

    Uwell Popreel PK1 vs Uwell Popreel P1

    Let's welcome the latest member of "Popreel Family" from Uwell - Popreel PK1, which is a square-shaped pod system with a 520mAh battery. Compared with the Popreel P1, the Popreel PK1 comes with a lanyard and a larger battery capacity. Popreel PK1 is ideal for stylish and athletic young people...
  30. elegomall

    ElegoMall Hot Brand Summer Sale

    How time flies! It’s June again. ElegoMall welcomes the Summer season with a big sale. You can enjoy a special discount on our hot vape brands. Take the chance to join us and save more on your purchase! Promotion Time: 14 May - 20 June (GMT+8) Promotion Details: 4% OFF For SMOK, Uwell...
  31. elegomall

    SMOK RPM 25W - New Member of SMOK RPM Series

    Here comes a new member of RPM family - RPM 25W. It is slender and compact in build, delicate and elegant in style. It has a built-in 900mAh battery that provides up to 25 watts of power. It can be easily topped up via the Type-C port. And it comes with an LP1 pod compatible with the LP1 coil...
  32. elegomall

    Vaporesso Gen Fit 40 Review - Updated version of Gen Fit

    Vaporesso recently released an updated version of Gen Fit - Gen Fit 40, which comes with a 0.42 inch LED screen on the top of mod to show you the real-time information of vaping. What are the other improvements compared with the original Gen Fit? Let's check it out. Main Features: 1. 0.42...
  33. elegomall

    VOOPOO DRAG Q - Revolutionary Product of Drag Series

    Drag Q is a revolutionary product of VOOPOO launched recently. It comes with 1250mAh built-in battery and 8-25W output power range. And it features a unique crown wheel, knurled top cap, both button and draw-activated mechanism. Compatible with VOOPOO ITO coils, the ITO-X pod accommodates 3.5ml...
  34. elegomall

    Vaporesso Gen PT60 & Gen PT80S Review

    Let's welcome the latest member of "Gen Family" from Vaporesso - Gen PT60 & Gen PT80S, which are newly designed pod mod kits for DTL users. Gen PT60 & Gen PT80S are equipped with the new xTank pod with Double Top System and SSS Leak-Resistant Technology 2.0 in the bottom, giving a quadra...
  35. elegomall

    VOOPOO ARGUS POD - High Texture Pod Kit

    ARGUS POD is the latest member of "Argus Family" from VOOPOO. With VOOPOO's ingenious ITO atomization technology, ARGUS POD brings you a delightful MTL experience. GENE.AI 1.2 Chip realizes the intelligent power switch between different ARGUS POD cartridges. The 4-hole air inlet enlarges the...
  36. elegomall

    LINVO Vbar Cubo 4500 & Vbar Cubo 5500 Disposable Vape

    Vbar brand was renamed Linvo, and now its popular Cubo series has got 6 products. Let's welcome the latest 2 members - Vbar Cubo 4500 & Vbar Cubo 5500. Very beautiful outline design, aren't they? Now let's take a closer look at them in this review. Cubo 5500 & Cubo 4500, Just as the name...
  37. elegomall

    Special Offer For New Wholesaler

    A new round of new customer benefits is coming! If you are looking for new suppliers but not satisfied with our current price, don’t worry, now we give a special offer for new wholesalers. Please cherish the chance to save money. Promotion Time: 14 May - 31th May (GMT+8) Promotion Details...
  38. elegomall

    FreeMax Maxus Solo 100W - Eye-catching Shining Box Kit

    Maxus Solo 100W is the latest member of “Maxus family” from Freemax, which was created for fashion and cloud chasers, is an innovative and powerful box mod that has pretty much all the features you could expect from a single battery device. The FreeMax Maxus Solo 100W consists of Fireluke...
  39. elegomall

    Rincoe Jellybox New Arrivals - Jellybox Z & Jellybox F & Jellybox W & Jellybox Lite

    Rincoe Jellybox series products are quite popular in the market. They are known for their fully transparent design, but now, transparency is no longer their inherent style. The “Jellybox family” has grown rapidly. It has got 11 members by now. Today we are going to introduce the latest 4 pod...
  40. elegomall

    Hellvape Dead Rabbit Max RDA - Best RDA For Flavor & Cloud chasers

    Let's welcome the latest member of “Dead Rabbit Family” from Hellvape - Dead Rabbit Max RDA, which inherits classic "Rabbit ear" post-design to have more space to build coils easily. It adapts layered shape design and supports top refilling or bottom feeding method. Moreover, its adjustable...
  41. elegomall


    Let's welcome the 2nd generation of ARGUS GT from VOOPOO - ARGUS GT 2, which features the advanced IP68 rating tri-proof function. And the new UI interface & QS lock function will make the way you vape user-friendly. For further information, let’s take a closer look at this review. Main...
  42. elegomall

    Elego Vape Wholesale Program

    With the electronic cigarette industry booming, there are more and more online or physical vape stores around the world. We feel it’s the right time for you to join in our Elego wholesale program to boost your business now. With more than 10 years of experience in vape wholesale business, Elego...
  43. ECigMafia Official

    Pod Mesh Nano Disposable Device (1000 Puff)

    The Pod Mesh Neno Edition Disposable Device provides vapers with an ultra smooth and flavorful vape through its internal mesh coil design and lasts up to 1000 puffs per unit. It is made with 5.5% nicotine strength powering this little device, you're bound to get the usual enjoyment and more from...
  44. Chainvapor

    CV Becca
  45. elegomall

    Brand Weekly Flash Deals On ElegoMall

    Famous brands on sale! Each brand only participates in the event for 3 days. Don't miss the chance to save money! Promotion Details: There are 5 coupon codes for 5 brands, each one works for the specific brand products. Here they are: SMOK (Time Over) Uwell (Coupon: EMUWE) VOOPOO...
  46. Chainvapor

    CV Strawberries and Cream (Simple Mix)

    Hello all my VU friends! Looking for something simple and delicious for a shake and vape when you are on the go? This one may fit the bill nicely for you. Enjoy! Happy Mixing and Happy Vaping! CV :)
  47. VincentV

    JUSTFOG Q16FF - New Version Of Justfog Q16 Series

    The new arrival of JUSTFOG - Q16FF is the innovative version of the JUSTFOG Q16 series. Does the JUSTFOG Q16FF bring anything new to the table? Let's take a closer look. Main Features: 1. Top-filling system with child-proof structure & bottom adjustable airflow ring 2. Q16FF Coil 1.2ohm to...
  48. elegomall

    Uwell POPREEL N1 Review - New Pod System For Best Flavor

    Let's take a look at the new pod system from Uwell - POPREEL N1, which is a combination of fashion and function. It also provides the best flavors as all UWELL products. Main Features: 1. 2ml pod capacity & side filling system 2. Matte finish with diamond pattern, fashion appearance &...
  49. ECigMafia Official

    Lost Vape URSA Quest Multi Kit

    Lost Vape Ursa Quest Multi Kit is not just a highly personalized multifunctional vape device but an almighty platform for you to unlock all possibilities. It has the best flavor as a sub-ohm tank, and has the same powerful power as a boxed mod, and has a smaller size. The Ursa Quest Multi Kit...
  50. elegomall

    Black Friday Flash Sale on ElegoMall

    Black Friday Flash Sale on ElegoMall starts now! Uwell Caliburn KOKO Prime - $10.99 only Limited 200pcs, First come, first served. Promotion Time: 11.22 - 11.30 Buy Now And for any inquires of Uwell wholesale or any vape wholesale in China, feel free to contact ElegoMall.

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