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You Made It! Desire Design Rage's Firmware Update Gets Public!


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Hey buddies!

In the last post, we got much feedback and discussions from you on the Rage firmware update, you know what, Desire Design team has immediately sit on and taken this seriously to the table. And this time, we're coming back with an answer! An elaborate instruction of firmware update for public use, is READY!

Pls check this page, and finish the update following the steps, sounds pretty easy? ;) It is, but pls also give attention to the notes stated there, there was part of vapers breaking their Rage by misoperation. It's kind of complicated or even irreversible to fix the device for some misoperations happened. Try to be careful.

Desire Design is not responsible for the issues incurred by the update operation. But whenever you have questions, feel free to comment here or contact us, we'll try the best to help you out.

See, WE could do something, right? It's really thrilling to be with you and we made something useful and meaningful!! Move on, let's get better.:cheers:

The quick link to the firmware update:

Don't forget coming back and comment us how it's going there. :hearts:

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