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  1. Desire_Design

    40% +10% OFF! #DesireDesign Mod & Pod, Code Only Now! Save$$ !

    Dear vapers! You know Desire Design? The manufacturer of some legend mod devices like the RAGE, CUT SQUONK....we've got tons of support with much appreciation. Well, it seems few of guys know that we are having BIG Promotions for a thank-you purpose!! Seriously, as big as you can't find a...
  2. Desire_Design

    You Made It! Desire Design Rage's Firmware Update Gets Public!

    Hey buddies! In the last post, we got much feedback and discussions from you on the Rage firmware update, you know what, Desire Design team has immediately sit on and taken this seriously to the table. And this time, we're coming back with an answer! An elaborate instruction of firmware update...
  3. Desire_Design

    Announcement! The Rage Squonk's Firmware Update Gets Public!

    Hello! Since we got much feedback and discussions from VU vapers of the Rage firmware update, Desire Design team has immediately sit on and decided to work out an elaborate instruction of firmware update for public use. Now, we're ready. Please check and read through this page, finish the...
  4. Desire_Design

    Need Your Feedback and Suggestions on Desire Design!

    Hello! Desire Design as a dedicated manufacturer in vapes for many years has been working with distributors across the world for supplying vape products. In order to get closer to the users of our products, learn their real feedback on our products and services and provide timely help, finally...
  5. TikiVape

    TikiVape: Deals on Juices, Devices and Accessories

    Shop for your favorite brand of Juices, devices and accessories all at one go Shop worth ₹15,000 to get a Limited edition Coiling Mat worth ₹2500 FREE Shop worth ₹10,000 to get a Nasty Gang T-shirt worth ₹995 FREE
  6. VincentV

    Aspire Cleito EXO Tank - New Arrival

    Aspire Cleito EXO Tank - New Arrival Aspire Cleito EXO: incredible flavor enhancing tank. It applies an improved airflow system with two open slots on the top-side tank, which brings massive flavor and vapor production. You can fill the tank simply by unscrewing the top cap. The Cleito EXO is...

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