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TOP 4 Nicotine Salt Juice Pod Mod in 2018


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Inhale nicotine salt, which is beneficial to make a replacement to cigarette. Compared to nicotine juice, nicotine salt juice is known as high nicotine strength and satisfying throat hit and make it perfect for smokers who are new to vaping.

In order to vaporize freshest, boldest steam, you need a good pod mod. This is like top coffee, behind every great human is a strong, dependable coffee maker that produces the freshest, boldest coffee. You might take these devices for granted, but your life would be a lot different if your coffee maker was no longer there for you when you need it most. Now I will list 4 top and popular smart starter kits in 2018, your life would be more different if vaping device is excellent.

VAPECCINO MATE1--Cost Effective Nic salt Pod Mod

MATE1 is known as the strong marketing media launching itself at TIMES SQUARE, NEW YORK. Opened system utilizes GCT to deal with the problem of coils being oxidized and e-juice carbides, which extends cartridge life and creates tight draw like sucking a cigarette.


410mAh battery level is equipped with vCharge tech(fast charge) to be fully charged within 25mins. Apart from them, it matches with 3 vaping modes, mouth-to-lung(MTL), direct lung(DL) GCT modes and ceramics pod (MATE1C POD) for no burning hit and bigger vapor.

What’s more, MATE1 device can be activated for low battery and operating reminder as motor vibrates. 1.5ml pod capacity is compatible with nitotine or nic salt juice. VAPECCINO made their own nic salt juice pod to better work with their self-developed devices, the flavors involves green tea, coffee, mango, tobacco, super mint, mint tobacco and watermelon.

PROS: 410 large battery capacity; 1.5ml pod capacity; GCT or ceramics pod alternative; tight draw like sucking cigarette. no leakage. support low-or-high VG level; Passthru; universal charging cable.

CONS: condensation

JUUL--5% (50mg) nicotine level strength


JUUL is a smart enough pod mod and creates an intelligent vaping experience in e-cigarette field. Disposable pods contains eight nic salt flavor, including cool mint, virginia tobacco, fruit medley, mango, cool cucumber tobacco and creme brulee. The pods have a 5%(50mg) nicotine level strength, making it one of the strongest around. Even at that strength, it still offers up a smooth vape as the salts don’t produce a harsh nicotine throat hit.

No button activates. Temperature is automatically regulated for a perfect vape every time, with not dry or burnt hits.

PROS: nicotine satisfaction, no burning hit, portable, auto mic

CONS: small 0.7ml pod, 280mAh lower battery level; do not come in lower nicotine strengths; leakage, condensation; magnetic charger

Suorin Drop--Double tank for e-jucie to mix and match


Suorin Drop is designed by one pod which has double separated refilling system to mix up the e-juice you want. 5 refills is the best period to vaporize the nicotine salt itself. Its battery level 310mAh is larger than that of JUUL, and it takes 45mins to be fully charged. The Suorin Drop has been optimized for 70% VG / 30% PG based e-liquid for balance between vapor and flavor. Therefore, it supports high-VG juice for bigger vapor.

PROS:Effortless draw; concentrated taste; double tank for e-liquids to mix and match.
CONS:Spit sometimes; two chambers don’t deplete at the same rate; leakage.

PHIX- Ccell ceramics coil for no burning hit


PHIX is equipped with disposable pod, the flavors including ice tobacco, tobacco, butterscotch tobacco, spearmint , hard strawberry and cool melon. 280mAh is enough to support about 180 puffs. However, it takes 40mins for fully charge. PHIX adopts Ccell ceramics as heating element, which works for high-VG to create bigger vapor, and no burning taste. But it can’t support Passthru which means you can’t vape during charging.

PROS: tighter draw, good flavor and satisfied throat hit, no leaking.

CONS: No Passthru vaping; lack of battery indicator when the battery runs low.

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