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Kimsun Smart 4R Mod Pod Initial Review

I just received my Smart 4R pod mod in the mail today. It’s from a Chinese company called Kimsun, and it’s new on the market, although Limsun has apparently been producing vaping equipment since 2006. These are my initial impressions after using it for a day. You can find all the specs at They entire kit is only $15 US.
What I like:
The battery life seems to be impressive. It might last me a whole day of vaping, even though I’m a moderate to heavy vaper.
The 4ml tank/atomizer is superb! I’m not refilling it three times a day, and the refilling is very convenient, unlike my last mod pod (the Rubi: I still have nic salts burns on my fingers!).
The volume of vapor is impressive, and very satisfying.
It’s light and very portable, and easily held.
The battery indicator tells you exactly how much life is left. But see below.

Minor inconveniences:
The air intake valve and the activation button (which I’m not accustomed to) are clumsily positioned. When you press the button, one of your other fingers is likely to cover the intake.
The display lights are difficult to see while you’re taking a puff.
The battery charging time is a bit long. Not excessively, but I’m so addicted to nicotine that I need an auxiliary ecig to stand in while it’s charging.

Biggest Gripe:
I can’t find out where to buy the replacement atomizer tanks, I don’t know how long a tank will last before the coil dies, and Kimsun’s customer service department is apparently non-exsistent. I ve used their “contact us” link four times now (three before I even received the product), and have had no response. Their website lists phone numbers only for their HQ in China; the website says there’s a US branch, but there’s no contact info. And searching online vape stores for the atomizers produces zero results. This may because the product is fairly new, but their website is so very poorly constructed!

I would recommend this product highly, except for the lack of customer service. So I’ll reserve my recommendation until the product is more readily available, and the company hires some staff to handle their customer communication.

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