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How to Deal with the Condensation in POD MOD


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One vaper said, “I am a new vaper, I like pizza, I like everything about pizza. So pizza juice is my one of favorite juice. However, sometimes when I vape pizza juice, some juice would be inhaled into my mouth directly instead of pizza vapor, it indeed influences my vaping joy no matter how much I love pizza and vape.


I answer,” My darling, the juice you inhaled is spilt juice or condensation.”

But what is condensation or spilt juice, how to distinguish them? Why they exist, how to deal with? Let me make VAPECCINO MATE1 as an example.


Spilt Juice VS Condensation

What’s the difference between spilt juice and condensation when inhaling the sweet droplet into our mouth. You can discern them from the following points:

1. If it is hot, it may be spilt juice, you mouth can feel the temperature once touching it. Sometimes, it is hot enough to hurt your mouth. But take it easy. MATE1 is perfect at splash proof design for better vaping experience.

2. Otherwise, it is condensation. And it is inevitable in the vaping field.

Why the Condensation Exists in the Atomizer?


Coils are heated at a much higher temperature to release vapor, as we all know, the temp of vapor is higher than that of atomizer’s chamber or outdoors. When the heating vapor meets with low-temp atmosphere, it will liquefy droplets and cling to the chamber wall or the mouthpiece inside. In other words, the production of condensation just like boiling rice in the electronic cooker. It is apparent to see vapor in the cap as using cookers.

The Result of Remaining Condensation


There are two results when accumulated condensation assembles. If still stay at the mouthpiece, it may be inhaled to mouth and just like eating juice candy. Or remain at the atomizer wall, it will fasten the coil being carbonized, moreover, the cotton is easy to be colored. As a result, it will shorten the atomizer life and extra cost will be needed to replace a new one.

How to Deal with the Condensation

In general, it is hard to clear condensation through the current tech. As for pod mod, MATE1, you can hold the mod, shake pod several times and then use tissue to dry out the droplets which comes from the chamber or mouthpiece.

In conclusion, it is unavoidable to get rid of condensation, what we can do is to shake the pod periodically to make good vaping joy. Enjoy your vaping moment.


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