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mechanical mods

  1. MannyScoot

    I want to see everyone's wood....... (Stabwood, wood, mixed ) Regulated, Mechanical, Wood look alike

    Just post anything that is wood, stabilized (Stabwood) Fake, real, expensive or cheap. All we want to do is show our woodies.... Any gender is welcomed, stickers, protective sleeves, real wood wood lookalike ..... If you have a favorite woodie item post it and share it ..... Cool .... Don't...
  2. elegomall

    Giveaway THC Tauren RDA

    Giveaway THC Tauren RDA Hello Friends, Don't forget to win the THC Tauren RDA for free. You can get it to pair with your THC Tauren RDA. It is so perfect. Win the THC Tauren RDA now. Just 2 days left, good luck to you. Strong Recommend: THC Tauren Mech Mod Mechanical Mods
  3. elegomall

    [Giveaway] Win the THC Tauren RDA for Free!

    [Giveaway] Win the THC Tauren RDA for Free! Hello Friends, Would you prefer the THC Tauren RDA for your Mechanical Mods? THC Tauren RDA Tank Atomizer Features: 1. Diameter: 24mm 2. Height: 29mm 3. Copper material 4. Dual post build deck 5. Compatible with dual coils 6. Simple and unique...
  4. Wellon

    Custom Mechanical Mods awesome workmanship

    Some like the collectible aspects of these devices; there are several models that use expensive metals and feature incredible workmanship. >>Learn more the best mechanical mod<< Others also read those threads about Wellon e-cigarette wholesale: Custom Mechanical Mods awesome workmanship How...
  5. Wellon

    Typical Construction of Mechanical Mods

    Mechanical mods are mostly tubular devices constructed from the low resistance, high-grade materials like stainless steel, copper or bronze. They are primarily body negative, without any internal circuitry and none of the controllable tech you’ll find on devices like the DNA chip set mods...
  6. Wellon

    Advanced Vape Hobbyist Prefer Mechanical Mods

    Hi guys, Do you know Mechanical Mods are So Popular in Advanced Vape Hobbyist? Whether you prefer a cool, light experience, or enjoy being smacked around by warm, dense, billowing clouds, mechanical mods are perfect for vapers who want to take their setup to the next level. Learn more...
  7. Vapexile

    WTT / WTS Authentic ViggoMech Mod with VJ addy $100

    $100 in trade or payment. Bought every authentic mech mod that a fairly large local shop had. The Viggo is one of them and one of my favorites. I am after low serial number mods and don't have a need to hang on to this. its been used only to test.
  8. GrimaVapes

    What batteries should I use for a mechanical mod..

    Hey all, I recently bought a Stingray x mechanical mod clone, i already have a box mod (iPV D2) with two LG HG2 batteries. The LG's are only 20amps and i was looking more so 22-30 amps. I don't really plan to go under .15ohms but i want to make sure im vaping safely. A follow up question, how do...
  9. damndirtyvapes

    Need some help finding a box...

    Looking to get a newer mech than the ones I have lying around, good mods but all pre-2011. None of the 18650 mods I have will fit an RDA without expensive updating work which I may or may not do eventually, before things go belly up. Anyway, I have some parameters that I know make this a little...
  10. TheAnonymousBeing

    Good Mechanical mods for 50$?

    Hey everyone so I was thinking about investing in a nice mechanical mod. I do have 65$ but I was gunna keep the limit 50$ and under but if i gotta spend a bit more i will. I was looking for something that is real easy to use and feels comfortable in my hands also stealthy. I am a cloud chaser so...

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