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Good Mechanical mods for 50$?

Hey everyone so I was thinking about investing in a nice mechanical mod. I do have 65$ but I was gunna keep the limit 50$ and under but if i gotta spend a bit more i will. I was looking for something that is real easy to use and feels comfortable in my hands also stealthy. I am a cloud chaser so it would be best to find something with a solid connection to an 18650 battery and will perform great for nice clouds. I have a silver RDA and i wanted it to match well. (meaning I wanted a silver mech mod) I heard copper connections are better than the rest but what are your opinions?


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Most people I know started with the K100/K101 mod. Bunch of great colors, adjusts easily to all battery sizes, and hits like a train. I bought the Kamry K101, and it came with a nice hard case for $21.00. Two years old and still in use.

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