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mech mods

  1. eamonlee

    What will be high-end Mech mod 2021?

    It's rare to see a good high-end mech mod 2o2o, Can we have some by 2021? Post something related if you know some or coming out soon...
  2. littlebrovapes


  3. X

    Selling my collection

    Just lost interest. Bought a ton of shit. I'm getting rid of it all. Please contact me if interested. Here's pictures of what I have:
  4. VapingReaper27

    Hohm Tech Run XL 21700

    i have a question! so imma buy a kennedy vindicator i was wondering if Hohm Tech Run XL 21700 will be a good battery for a 21700 mech mod? sorry if this is the wrong place but ive never used a 21700 or a 20700 what would your suggestions be?
  5. Whargoul

    WTB 21700 Mech Mod

    I have like $50-$65, need a mech that can fit a Deathwish Modz Isolation Tank with no overhang so I’m looking for something in the 26mm-30mm range.
  6. mikeybee

    CANADIAN SELLERS: I want to buy

    As the title says, I'm in Canada and looking to buy something, and I can't buy off of US Sellers because shipping is damn expensive. SOOO people in Canada, list down or put up a pic of what you're selling and how much. :) Looking for mostly cheap tube mech mods ~ so clones are fine long as it...
  7. Chainvapor

    Is Coil-master EVER going to have the mech mods in stock??

    I keep checking the coil-master website and every time I look - OUT OF STOCK! Are they still going to be getting these mods or was it a one time run so we are all out of luck? Anyone have any info on this? Thanks! CV
  8. Mad21Skilz

    Mech Mod Help.

    So, I am not new to vaping at all, but I am new to mech mods. I read up a lot on them and I figured I would give them a try. So I have ordered a SMPL Mech mod and know its ins and outs. My problem being. I have an rta ohming at .74 and an rda ohming at .34. Rta Kylin rta single coil 26g Kanthol...
  9. E

    Hyper sonic cleaners. Do they remove paint from mods?

    So I've been hearing a lot about these hyper sonic cleaners and how well they work but I'm about worried about them stripping off the paint on my mods or messing with functionality in a negative way. For example I have a Legendary Sub Zero mod with a black matte finish and it has taken a couple...
  10. Vapexile

    Morpheus Mech Mod by VIP Customs #66 - WTT / WTS ($100)

    I am not sure of the manufacture date but I have an authentic Morpheus Mech Mod by VIP Customs )Copper) that I am willing to make a reasonable trade for. I am putting a firm value of $100 on it. Its a great authentic and has only been used to be tested. It does not include the derringer but I...
  11. D

    Looking for a company to manufacture my mech designs

    Can anyone help? I'm looking for a manufacturing company to make my mech designs, I can't seem to find one anywhere, they must exist as clones are being made left right and centre but even the people that sell them don't know where they are made or who by, I don't want to rip anyone off, I don't...
  12. N

    Surely there's not much in the difference

    I have tried looking for this in other threads but couldn't find anything. I have been looking at the limitless single 18650 tubular mechanical mod. And then I have looked at other mods of the same calibre that are significantly cheaper. I've looked at the components used and they seem a...
  13. VapeGoon_2015

    Whats Your Mechanical Collection Look Like?

    I love mech mods. I have 12 currently, since there ant really threads I saw for us mech lovers thought I would create one. Post your collection!
  14. E

    Relatively New to Vaping, Looking for good Mech Mods

    I'm pretty new to vaping. Ive been vaping for the past year but only actually got serious about it within the last month when I decided to go from a 45w device to my 200w Segilei Fuchai, and began using RDA's instead of tanks for the most part. My roommate works at a Vape shop and has been...
  15. TheAnonymousBeing

    Good Mechanical mods for 50$?

    Hey everyone so I was thinking about investing in a nice mechanical mod. I do have 65$ but I was gunna keep the limit 50$ and under but if i gotta spend a bit more i will. I was looking for something that is real easy to use and feels comfortable in my hands also stealthy. I am a cloud chaser so...

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