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nic salts

  1. M


    So I have been using a mini Nautilus 1.6 ohm tank on a istick power 80w for years with 24 mg 50/50 at like 9w. So I got a voopoo mojo r that comes with the conjure single coil rda cause I want to build and got it for like 25 bucks to the door. I got all the building stuff a v1 coil master kit...
  2. Vappora

    15% Off all E-Liquids at Vappora ends tonight

    Take 15% Off any product under the E-Liquid category by using the store coupon: LIQUID15 at checkout. Offer ends tonight September 30, at midnight (11:59 pm ET).
  3. 3Avape Official

    Acrohm Fush Nano Pod Kit 550mAh (Shake to change color)

    Product introduction Acrohm Fush Nano Pod Kit, powered by an internal battery with a capacity of 550mAh, featured with pen-style AIO design, features the durable bullet-proof polycarbonate pipe design. You can shake the Acrohm Fush Mod to change the colors. the six vents run through for better...
  4. 3Avape Official

    1st Watch-Style Pod Vape: Uwell Amulet Pod Kit 370mAh

    Product introduction The Uwell Amulet Pod Kit, with the world first watch-style design, is a compact and stealthy pod system that that is easy to hide in your palm. Users can touch to wake up the screen to check the date and time at any time. Powered by an internal 370mAh battery, the Amulet is...
  5. 3Avape Official

    VEIIK Airo Pod Kit 360mAh (Side Refill & Air Draw System)

    Product introduction Airo by VEIIK is an open-pod-system vaping device, with two 2.0ml refillable pod cartridges and 360mAh rechargeable build-in battery in the kit. The VEIIK Airot adopts air draw system, simple side refill way and organic cotton wicked, give you pure flavor and vapor...
  6. 3Avape Official

    Syiko Alita Pod Starter Kit 650mAh (Modes: Soft/Hard/Normal)

    Product introduction The Syiko Alita Pod Starter Kit, with 0.96 inch LED screen and 650mAh internal battery, is a simple yet amazing pod system with elegant design and side intake air structure. In addition, the Alita supports Soft/Hard/Normal 3 working modes with easy one button design to meet...
  7. 3Avape Official

    Marvec MV Pod Kit (Cartridge is compatible with Smok Novo)

    Product introduction The Marvec MV Pod Kit, with 400mAh built-in battery and 2.0ml juice capacity, is a VW pod system that features with multi-colored LED display with adjustable wattage. And the highlight is that the pod cartridge is compatible with the Smok Novo Batter. The MV has two output...
  8. 3Avape Official

    Desire More Pro Pod System Kit 1000mAh

    Product introduction The Desire More Pro Pod System Kit, powered by an internal 1000mAh long lasting battery for whole-day vape, aims to provide the most amusing vaping experience. Included in the package is also a 2.0ml juice pod with 1.2ohm coil resistance, which is best for nic salts...
  9. 3Avape Official

    Geekvape Frenzy Pod Kit 950mAh (As Micro Chipset)

    Product introduction Geekvape Frenzy Pod Kit, with 2.0ml juice capacity and 950mAh in-built battery, is designed with pure elegance and beautifully crafted with zinc alloy & Resin, making every single piece a unique masterpiece. Equipped with the most advanced AS Micro chipset, the Frenzy will...
  10. M

    Nic Salt measurements

    I've recently switched from freebase nic to nic salts. I've been buying juice from our local vape shop but I want to get back to making my own juice again. I can't figure out how to use the salts. I was vapin freebase at a 1.5. I've been looking at all the different salts and they have so many...
  11. 3Avape Official

    Aspire Cobble AIO Pod Kit 700mAh $23.65

    Product introduction Aspire Cobble Kit, with 700mAh built-in battery and 1.8ml liquid capacity, is designed with comfort in mind and an easy filling method. The pod houses a non replaceable 1.4 ohm BVC type nichrome coil for efficient vaping ensuring you a flavorful vape. Besides, the Cobble is...
  12. vapenvain

    Nic salts

    Helloo New member and relatively new at vaping. Just wonder can e juice salts be used in sub-ohm tanks? Has anyone tried or should it not be done?
  13. F

    20MG in my SMOK M17 Priv?

    Good evening everybody I'm new to this forum so please don't hate! Basically I'm back off smoking again, my x baby beast tank and alien mod didn't do it for me so I've got myself and my girlfriend a SMOK M17 Privs, I've got tonnes of 12mg and 6mg liquids for me E Cigarette, however I've...
  14. J

    Sub ohm nic salts help ASAP

    I have a breeze 2 with 0.6 coil and was wondering if i could use 25 nic salt Rainbow road. Posts online sometimes say that you can use nic salts in sub ohm and others say you cant. Please lmk asap
  15. J

    Sub ohm nic salts help ASAP

    I have a breeze 2 with 0.6 coil and was wondering if i could use 25 nic salt Rainbow road. Posts online sometimes say that you can use nic salts in sub ohm and others say you cant. Please lmk asap
  16. CapVanillaCustard

    Battle of the Pods: Rincoe Ceto vs Suorin Vagon vs VooPoo Panda

    Battle of the Pods Suorin Vagon vs Rincoe Ceto vs VooPoo Panda Hello everyone! I've been using these three pod systems from two weeks to a month now. I figured a 3-way comparison would be more useful than reviewing them individually. All of these devices were sent to me to review. Suorin...
  17. B

    Nic Salt Device

    Hi, does anyone know about a vaping device that can regulate the nic salt concentration? if you have any info, please share, thank you very much!
  18. G

    Joyetech BATPACK

    The Joyetech Batpack is a tiny mouth to lung pocket vaporizer designed with the new ECO technology and powered by AA batteries . This technology allows the batteries to have very low output. At 1.85V ultra low output it allows for approx. 800 puffs with 2 fully charged Avatar AA Ni-MH...
  19. L

    Looking for Nic Salt juice under 20mg/ml (preferably 12MG)

    I have been searching for a lower nicotine salt based juice and I can't seem to find anything other than juices by Airship. I am reluctant to try them since I have never heard of them. Any suggestions on reputable brands that mix low nic salts? I am using a Suorin Air, and I would like to start...
  20. cloudvape

    Opus - Fresh Lemonade Nic Salts

    Hi everyone! The first official nicotine salts ejuice in South Africa, here is a quick review of it:

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