obs engine nano atomizer

  1. T

    WTB OBS Nano Engine

    SS or black.
  2. MF_Vape

    Retro Review - OBS Engine Nano RTA - What's it like now? - Including wicking tutorial

    So something a little bit different for you guys, we have got a mini series of retro reviews for you. I've dug out a couple of 'old' RTAs and RDAs and we're gonna see how they live up with todays atties. First up we have the OBS Engine Nano single coil RTA. As ever, if you enjoy please give a...
  3. VapinChevy

    WTS! LOTS OF VAPE GEAR!!!! Must Sell ASAP!!!!

    Evenin Ya'll VapinChevy here, I'm in much need to sell stuff asap. I dug around for all I could sell, I'm doing this for my father. As atm he has NO gas/heat, NO water, No money for his heart meds and a much needed stove. I do have a gofundme up if you can spare a few...
  4. T

    which OBS to take ( engine or nano ) ??

    Hello guys I want to ask which one to choose OBS engine OBS engine nano i watched a lot of reviews about both of them and they are fine specially the anti leakage of both of them .. and i think the only difference that the nano is more economic in liquid consumption and i saw a video for...
  5. Cacuqecig

    Preview of OBS Engine Nano Atomizer

    Hello everyone, we haven’t seen each other for ages and since the opening, there are pieces of new arrivals, now , I am going to to introduce the OBS ENGINE Nano RTA atomizer, which is constructed from stainless steel and glass in 25mm diameter and holds 5.3ml e-juice. The Engine Nano is with...

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