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ofrf gear rta

  1. producer_ben

    OFRF Gear RTA

    After only seeing pictures online I wasn’t too sure what to expect as OFRF (pronounced off) are relatively new to me. I initially thought this may be a German company, but after looking at the company information, OFRF are also based in Shenzhen, China like a large percentage of high-quality...
  2. MF_Vape

    Gear RTA by OFRF - Review & Full Rebuild - Single Coil Flavour Chaser

    This is an educational review and build tutorial of the Gear RTA by OFRF. I received it free of charge for the purpose of this review from Specifications: 24mm in diameter 2.3ml Straight Glass 3.5ml Glass Bubble tank 304 Stainless Steel Single Coil Build Deck Fully...

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