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After only seeing pictures online I wasn’t too sure what to expect as OFRF (pronounced off) are relatively new to me. I initially thought this may be a German company, but after looking at the company information, OFRF are also based in Shenzhen, China like a large percentage of high-quality vaping brands are.

So, the parcel arrived and I was eager to get the parcel open to see what the hype was all about. I was greeted by a relatively deep, yet small square box. It’s very cleanly design with the logo on the top of the box and the “O” forming a window to the inside.

On the sides of the box, again it is very cleanly designed with easy to read text in an easy to read type face that tells you all the information about what is inside the box without even breaking the seal such as what colour the product is, a security scratch and check with their web address ( where you can confirm its authenticity, together with all the standard legal warnings. On the underside of the box, there’s nothing.

Once you break the cellophane protective wrapping, you’re able to open the box by a light grip and allowing the inner part of the “cube packaging” to slowly release. You’re now present with the top layer that contains the Gear RTA, two drip tips and a bubble glass. The Gear RTA is pre-assembled with a straight glass, so in fact you’re provided with two glasses.

I was able to remove the Gear RTA and the bubble glass with ease, but the two drip tips were a little fiddley to remove. This is no deal breaker as of course, you need to take out the top layer in order to get to the nice selection of accessories, so with the top layer in your hands, you can use your fingers to gently pus on the underside to release the drip tips. Both look of decent quality, one of them is a black, straight delrin drip tip with a slightly smaller air hole, while the second frosted drip tip is slightly tapered at the end, but with a larger air hole.

Under this first layer, there is a great selection of accessories from OFRF so you’re pretty much ready to go the moment you get your Gear RTA. OFRF provide one back of multi coloured and assorted spare gaskets (O-rings) with spare screws for the build deck. There’s a bag containing two “bootlace” style OFRF branded cotton wicks, another bag containing two 0.33 ohm, N80, framed staple claptons rated from 40 to 55 watts and then finally a decent sized flat head screw driver and then finally, a user guide.

Stripping the OFRF Gear RTA down, it is very cleanly made. The paint work from the factory is very cleanly applied on the outside. The top unscrews to show two large fill holes and then twist the base and that is removed leaving you hold the glass attached to the chimney section. The glass is held on securely by a rubber gasket and with a little wiggle and a twist, the glass is easily removed. I was expecting the chimney to be removable, but it isn’t, it is all one piece, which I quite like. There’s not much shaping on the inside of the chimney, but there appears to be just enough to make a difference. The outside of the chimney is the same colour as the frame ( for my version, it is black), with the “GEAR” branding deeply etched and coated in black.

The next and final section is the build deck. Again, it all looks very cleanly made with no sign of any machine oil, and all threading for the chimney connection is very cleanly and precisely done. The coil terminals are designed so that no matter if you wind coils to the left or to the right, you can unscrew the appropriate terminals and easily install you coil. Yes, notice I say coil, it is a single coil RTA and the screw terminals come up to a very acceptable height enabling you to fit in some heavier gauge wire or even exotic wires. There is a nice central air flow hole that is sure to hit any coil nicely and a very smooth airflow control on the base. The airflow control has a nice resistance to it that makes it a pleasure to use.

All in all, it looks very impressive and compact design, however force of habit always makes me wash new atomizers in light soapy water before use to remove any possible contaminants from manufacture that I’m unable to see.

After a wash and dry of all the parts, I set about building and I honestly can’t believe how simple it is. I used one of my already opened 0.4 ohm fused claptons and the provided cotton from OFRF. Clipping the legs of the coils is easy to do once the coil is situated where you want it (ideally centrally over the air hole). Dry burning, this made me smile as I could tell this is going to be good for flavour and clouds once the chimney goes on. I installed the cotton very easily, you don’t have to go sparing with the cotton as the wicking holes are a good size to comfortably fit plenty of cotton in, without compacting it too much.

Fitting the chimney, I did find a little tricky at first, but after a little head scratching, I found the “knack”. By pushing the glass on to the gasket on the chimney section first (so it stays), you can then screw the base (build deck) on afterwards.

The next bit always makes me nervous with RTAs, filling. Using some 70/30 VG/PG e-juice , I filled the tank. I screwed the top back on and opened the air flow. Success! The ejuice stayed in the tank instead of pouring out the air intake (as can sometimes happen when first getting to know an RTA). I attached the provided frosted drip tip, took a dry pull or two then began to vape.

The over all experience of vaping on the OFRF Gear RTA is a very satisfying experience indeed. For me, the air flow isn’t as large as I normally like, however it didn’t phase me too much and I found it very pleasurable experience.

The drip tip puts you right over the coils, so clouds and flavour are maximized in this small and compact RTA. I leave the airflow open all the way as that suits me, however if you were to close it down, I’m certain that MTL vapers will also have a fine experience too.

For me this is comparable to the Moonshot, but a simplified version in terms of building and wicking.

The gaskets (O-rings) on the OFRF Gear RTA are doing their job perfectly. With most RTAs, I have found they can let a little juice out slowly over time and it leaves the glass and mod “greasy and sticky”, but this doesn’t appear to lose a drop. With the current build, I’ve been vaping up to 55 watts and the design of the Gear means that it hasn’t given me a dry hit yet and I really do chain vape quite heavily. Other RTAs I’ve used cannot seem to keep up with heavy vapers constant DLs, but the Gear keeps on giving, puff after puff and yes, even longer puffs of five seconds don’t phase it.

Being in the UK, I’m well acclimatised to the 2ml capacity we’re restricted to by law, so even though some may see this size as a possible negative, I can’t complain as it’s the size I’m used to these days.

I would honestly say that this is one of, if not THE BEST RTAs I’ve used in a very long time. The design has been thought out properly, it has been machine with care and building on it is really very simple. If you’ve never owned and RTA before and you want to dip your toe in the water, the OFRF is THE ONE to get. You honestly can’t go far wrong with it. I’m and experienced vaper for many years and this is now in my weekly turnaround. It’s a real winner.

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