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peaches and cream

  1. Countrypami

    Vaping Watch June Flavor of the Month - Peaches & Cream

    JUNE Flavor of the Month! PEACHES & CREAM For the entire month of June pickup any size bottle of Peaches & Cream for 20% off! #VapingWatch #TMaxxsNoFrillsMls #vape #vapelife #ecig #ecigs #vaping #eliquid #ejuice...
  2. J

    Peaches and DREAM. Accidental "Karma Cream" clone.

    So I was just looking through some of the flavor concentrates I have, trying to find some I rarely use, to make something with them. I saw my TFA Juicy Peach. I use it sometimes in a particular recipe that uses it as an additive rather than a peach flavor, at a low percentage, and that was...

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