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  1. crazydmnd

    WTBorT Purge Guillotine

    Keeping my eyes out for one, probably one of the metallic ones. Definitely the Hagermann Tungsten/Blue one.
  2. Nydia Chen

    ULTON DOTSHELL RBA/SXK Syclla RTA Ready to Ship Now!

    Ready to Ship in 24 Hours ULTON DOTSHELL Style Rebuildable Tank w/ Extra DOTSHELL/VAPESHELL MTL Pins Features Dedicated for DOTAIO Mods PCTG Tank material Ready to Ship in 24 Hours SXK The Syclla Style MTL 316SS 22mm RTA Juice Flow Control Reduce Chamber Sand Blasted Deck Single Coil...
  3. F

    WTS - Purge Hagermann Squonk

    Hey everyone, I am selling my Purge Hagermann squonk. It is in great condition and comes with all the original parts/boxe. I can include the O-Atty X RDA with ultem cap and beauty ring in the picture below as well. I am asking for 215$ USD, or 300$ with the O-Atty X, shipping is on the buyer...
  4. F

    WTS - Purge Viper (brand new)

    Hey everyone, I am selling a brand new, never used, Purge Viper. It is brand new and I never touched the mod, the only reason I am getting rid of it is because I have too many mods and rather see it get some use at a good home. It comes with the cap as well. I am asking for 225$ USD, shipping...
  5. Jane_Qiu

    Damn Vape DOOM Mesh 26mm RTA &Coppervape VWM Integr

    $24.99 Authentic Damn Vape DOOM Mesh 26mm RTA 4ml Coupon Code:MAPDOOM Features Stainless steel construction 4ml juice capacity Tank Material: Glass Resistance: 0.11/0.13ohm Special MESH RTA with two mesh coils and FOXTAIL-M cottons Unique build deck for easy coil building and wicking Unique 3D...
  6. Jane_Qiu

    Slim Piece 18650 Engraving & Syiko SE 12W 650mAh Pod Kit

    $19.99 Vazzling Pur Slim Piece 18650 Hybrid Mechanical Mod 25mm/26mm Engraving Version Features 510 threading connection; Brass construction; Hybrid top cap; Side fire button; Powered by 1*18650(battery sold separately) $36.59 Authentic Syiko SE 12W 650mAh Pod System Starter Kit Features...
  7. G

    Slam piece or siege

    I’m looking to buy a new mod since I sold my vindicator and I’m looking to step up for my next purchase but I’m considering the slam piece cobra or the siege by inmortal mods, I’m aware of the situación about inmortal mods, but considering the difference in price around $100.00 I’m not really...
  8. Jane_Qiu

    $17.89 SXK Biochip Style 22mm RDA w/BF Pin

    $17.89 SXK Biochip Style 22mm RDA w/BF Pin Features 22mm BF only atomiser 316L steel base Medical grade black peek White Teflon standard 510 size drip tip included. (You can fit any 510 driptip) Contrasted S flow channels Less leak 510 pin system Authentic Hugsvape Ringlord Mesh Tank 26mm RTA...
  9. Jane_Qiu

    $27.99 Authentic Oumier Armadillo 24mm RDA

    $27.99 Authentic Oumier Armadillo 24mm RDA Coupon Code: MAPARMADILLO Features Diameter: 24mm Unique build deck, compatible with various sizes of coils Adjustable side airflow Notch at the base to fit the cap, prevent from being locked on the mod Stainless steel construction 510 threading...
  10. K

    Brass Moneyshot RDA safe to use?

    Hello all ,I've had my eye on the moneyshot for some time so I can do a little matchy-matchy with my mechs and really dig the brass versions since I have never before owned a brass RDA,I've read that when it comes to brass there is the risk of led being inhaled so does anyone have any info on...
  11. Jane_Qiu

    $24.99 Vazzling Overlord Style 21700 Hybrid Mechanical Mod 24mm

    $24.99 Vazzling Overlord Style 21700 Hybrid Mechanical Mod 24mm Features 510 hybrid connection Fit diameter: 24-25mm Constant contact Compatiable with 21700 battery $25.99 Authentic Wotofo Profile Unity 25mm RTA Coupon Code:MAYUNITY Features A collaborative success by Wotofo, MrJustRight1...
  12. K

    Any opinions on MoneyShot RDA?

    Hello all, I have been thinking about getting the moneyshot rda to match up with my b2b v4 but I can't seem to find any reviews online and no one I know owns one,considering the price I don't want to blindly get it and find out it doesn't hold its own when compared to the other drippers in my...
  13. Focalecig

    Purge Fallout Mech Mod Kit
  14. Focalecig

    Purge Slam Piece Mech Mod Kit Engraving Version
  15. Jane_Qiu

    $11.49 Shot Style 30mm RDA

    $11.49 Shot Style 30mm RDA Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer Features 30mm Diameter 5mm Deep Juice Wells Superior Brass Construction Gold-Plated Two Post Build Deck - 5mm by 3mm Terminals Top Secured via Flathead Screws PEEK Insulator Single or Dual Coil Configuration Dual 4mm Bored Airflow Top Cap...
  16. Jane_Qiu

    $28.99 Engraving Version Slam Piece 30mm Mod

    $28.99 Vazzling Pur Slam Piece 30mm 18650/20700/21700/20650 Hybrid Mechanical Mod Features 510 threading connection; 31mm overall diameter; Brass construction; Hybrid top cap; Side fire button; Powered by 1*18650/20700/21700/20650 battery (battery sold separately) $25.29 Authentic Joyetech...
  17. Ms. Trixy

    Helping a FB Group friend: WTS Purge Maelstrom #063 with a Copper Druga

    Posted by Stephy Lowe: Ladies I need help. I have a extreme family emergency and need to sell my only mod which is purge maelstrom #063 with a copper druga. $250 takes it. Please PM me if interested. I'd like to help her. ~Trix
  18. Toxcidic

    Can’t decide on my first mech

    Hey guys, this is my first post here. I’ve been looking around at all the possibilities for my first mech mod and I’m a bit overwhelmed at the options. I’m pretty knowledgeable about ohms law and the safety aspect of mechs, but I don’t have one yet so I don’t have anything to compare to. The...
  19. digibomb

    Looking to buy a Purge mod!

    Looking to buy a purge mod. Preferably a Hagermann, also interested in a Twiztid. I would prefer a within Canada makes shipping easier, but willing to buy from the U.S. too. Thanks in advance.

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