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  1. D

    PODMODCALYPSE is coming(?)

    As everyone probably heard, there's been various releases of this "POD MOD" thing'y. Smok says their RPM40 and RPM80 is the real POD MOD, Voopoo claims it's their Vinci and Geekvape (without too much drama) releases their new Aegis Boost. So what are these POD MODS? Its basically an MTL kit...
  2. Ronald Bryant

    Salt Nic ?

    Can someone either tell me or point me in the right direction to find out exactly what nic salts are and what to use them on? I would truly appreciate any help you can give me. Thank You
  3. JuiceChris

    Newest Salts on Sale!

    Our Stay Salty Collection is a great way to enjoy twice the flavor. You'll get 120 ml (2 x 60) for only $12.50/bottle: Shop:
  4. JuiceChris

    70% off the P.O.W. - Holy Cannoli Salts now $8.99

    5 Flavors still available here: Pick up your favorite while they are still available. At this price, they won't be for long! Buy at eJuice.Deals
  5. JuiceChris

    It's a Salty Monday!

    Mondays in the Fall are often extra salty, who likes waking up when it is pitch black outside??! :cuss2::cuss2: To "celebrate" these salty Mondays, takes $20 off NKD Salt ejuices! Save 66% and get 30 ml NKD salts for only $10! Get yours here: NKD Salts...

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