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  1. fidola13

    WTB Yihi SL Class

    Looking to add another SL to my collection. Preferably in Mixed colors but will consider all in Like New Condition in original packaging. Payment made via PayPal in US only. Ready to purchase anytime. thanks
  2. VapingReaper27

    high end mods!!!

    recently ive been getting into more expensive mods! ive gotten some lost vapes! drone, paranormal and two orions! now i know that these arent the highest of tiers but i wanna go higher! And it has definitely has gotten my feet wet in the Evolve chipset! I honestly love Lost Vape but i feel like...
  3. F

    WTS - SOI X (Limited Edition - Red Stabwood)

    Hey everyone, I am selling my SOI X with Stabwood Sleeve (Limited Edition, I believe there was only 20 Stabwood sleeves made). It is in amazing condition and never left the house. It will also come with the RDA and Chuff cap. It comes with all original parts and boxes as well. As we all know...
  4. GodFamilyGunsVape

    Atty/Builder Stands, Panels, Drip Tips, Cloudy Artwork

    If you guys are collectors, builders or just normal folks that like your vape gear to look good,, and pleasing to the eyes. I have custom built some atty/builder stands, most all of them are made out of stabwood (wood that has been stabilized) Resin that is pearlescent, metallic, opique...
  5. vapesmarter


    there are a couple of reasons why "Sorrow" has her name all very personal to me. its odd mods come and go I've looked back over the last 12 months and forgotten lots time is passing by so quickly DVD "Passengers" Aurora: He woke me up! He took away my life! Gus Mancuso: I know, and I'm...
  6. MannyScoot

    I want to see everyone's wood....... (Stabwood, wood, mixed ) Regulated, Mechanical, Wood look alike

    Just post anything that is wood, stabilized (Stabwood) Fake, real, expensive or cheap. All we want to do is show our woodies.... Any gender is welcomed, stickers, protective sleeves, real wood wood lookalike ..... If you have a favorite woodie item post it and share it ..... Cool .... Don't...
  7. Llabella08

    WTB - limited edition or special Hexohms

    Looking for LE/specialized hexohms to purchase. Including gecko/sparkly red green and blue and any other hexes

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