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  1. Vladdinvapor_Alisa

    Vladdin TPD Edition VS Standard

    Vladdin TPD Edition VS Standard TPD stands for Tobacco Products Directive, is the new regulation of all tobacco-related products across the European Union. The first was introduced in 2001, and in 2011 they decided to include e-cigarettes, which are classified as tobacco-related products. The...
  2. 3Avape Official

    IJOY Mystique Disposable Mesh Tank $2.99

    Product introduction The powerful Mystique Mesh Tank adopts a 0.15ohm mesh coil. The coil can not be replaced, but you can refill the tank. Plus the 2.0ml e-juice capacity, easy top fill design with silicone stopper and adjustable bottom airflow, the IJOY Mystique Mesh Tank is the perfect...
  3. UrbanJuice Premium E Liquid From The Manufacturer

    Hi, We are UltraBio an E Liquid producer based in Germany. After amazing success in german speaking countries we are looking for distributors, wholesalers and vape shops worldwide to stock our Urban Juice Range. All our products are TPD compliant and at great prices so you can get maximum...
  4. Wellon

    Why Should You Purchase Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) Compliant E-liquid?

    Hi Guys, Vaping is a kind of relax during the gap of working. But you should learn vape 101, like how to purchase Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) compliant e-liquid. Read this thread find out the answer. How to Ensure Your E-Liquid TPD-compliant? No e-liquid bottles larger than 10 mL, due...
  5. kimsunecig

    Buy One Get One Free in THE VAPER EXPO UK OCTOBER 2017

    It's KIMSUN GIVEAWAY time!!! TEN KIMSUN SLIM2R KITS FOR GIVEAWAY!!! HOW: A: Follow & like KIMSUN facebook page! B: Like & share this post on your facebook! C-2: Post a picture on our comments with our KIMSUN invitation card, or with KIMSUN booth as your background. D: Gifts will be...
  6. Everzon

    From $13 Aspire Breeze All-In-One Kit Ship In Stock

    Hello everyone, Aspire Breeze All-In-One Kit- All colors are IN STOCK now. $13 for 10+ pieces! Let's have a look~ Package: Inside: In my hand :cool: Other colors:
  7. M

    storing nicotine before TPD

    Before TPD makes nicotine base unavailable in the current strengths and quantities, I want to stock up and freeze some VG based nicotine. I've been doing a lot of reading and it seems freezing it is best, in amber glass bottles. Also, a particular kind of lid is recommended, a phenolic polycone...
  8. simplevapeco


    Join the 100K Campaign & Show your support for vaping! 10 months ago we started a conversation expressing our frustrations and fears surrounding the lack of positive news dedicated to vaping and its benefits within the public eye. The national press focus appeared generally negative and at...

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