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Why Should You Purchase Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) Compliant E-liquid?


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Hi Guys,

Vaping is a kind of relax during the gap of working.
But you should learn vape 101, like how to purchase Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) compliant e-liquid.
Read this thread find out the answer.

How to Ensure Your E-Liquid TPD-compliant?

No e-liquid bottles larger than 10 mL, due to TPD require the maximum size of e-liquid bottles is 10ml.
Borne of misplaced fear about the risks of nicotine, the TPD requires that the maximum size for your bottle of e-juice is 10 mL.
Manufacturers are no longer allowed to sell e-liquids in the usual 30ml or 60ml bottles.
Gone are the days of 30 or even 60 mL bottles of e-liquid.

Learn more Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) info at

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