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vape gear

  1. BeachsideVape

    Vape Tees -Up To 70% Off

    Hi ll !! I just re-opened my shop I had some family things that were going on so we took a Hiatus from the shop. But we are back online So here are some coupon codes for ALL to Enjoy! Please Enjoy 20% Off and Free Shipping Over $75 Both Codes May Be Used Together!
  2. MannyScoot

    I want to see everyone's wood....... (Stabwood, wood, mixed ) Regulated, Mechanical, Wood look alike

    Just post anything that is wood, stabilized (Stabwood) Fake, real, expensive or cheap. All we want to do is show our woodies.... Any gender is welcomed, stickers, protective sleeves, real wood wood lookalike ..... If you have a favorite woodie item post it and share it ..... Cool .... Don't...
  3. Wellon

    Electronic Vaporizer Battery Rechargeable Vapor Starter Kit with Four Colours Available

    Hey Folks, This thread Wellon want to introduce our first Vape Gear, named Wellon Transformer kit. It's an Electronic Vaporizer Battery Rechargeable Vapor Starter Kit with Four Colours Available. Here are some pictures of this starter vape kit. Starter Vape Kit Introduce The...
  4. C

    Need help with travelling to a different country

    Hello all! Just wondering on your thoughts on travelling with vape gear by plane? I'm going on a trip in almost 2 weeks. I'm going to the Philippines but my plane will have a stop over at China. I'm just wondering what I need to do to prepare, put in mod and batteries in carry-on, etc. Does...
  5. Wellon

    Xmas Gear: Starter Vape Kit with No Accidentally Touch

    Hi Folks, Merry Christmas and Keep on Vaping. What was your favourite vaping related moment of the year? If you have any pictures, please let me know and share it. This thread introduces a Starter Vape Kit with No Accidentally Touch, named Wellon Transformer Kit. No accidentally touch...
  6. smokstore

    Hot Sale Smoant Vape Gears

    the newest smoant vape gears hot sale on smokstore. 1)200w smoant battlestar tc mod $39.9 smoant battlestar max output 200watts,three different colors avaliable,powered by 2pcs 18650 batteries, support resistance as low as 0.05ohm,support NI200,TI,SS,TCR,VW output modes. 2) 80w smoant...
  7. Ms. Trixy

    Ladies! Colorful Vape Bag! Small bag. Zipper compartment too!

    I saw this ad in Facebook. Beautiful (shoulder bag) small enough for your vape gear, phone, money or whatever! Very pretty! Think I'll get one for on the go. Has belt hoop and compartments. Small bag. $21.95 plus use coupon Get 20 (or Get10) can't remember. 3 colors & patterns...
  8. Jai Haze

    ENDED - VU Exclusive Contest - DNA200 and 3 Batteries! (2 Winners) - 6/13

    This is strictly for you guys at VU. Here is how its going to work, the more shares the more points you get. Again this IS ONLY for people that reply to this thread here. A random person is going to be chosen via out of the LIST of people that like this post. The list of people...
  9. Everzon

    Aspire Plato, a marvelous new arrival from Aspire

    New item you can try! Aspire Plato, a marvelous product that is going to be released by ‪Aspire. Let's wait for it. This all-in-one kit is a 50 watt device that also has temperature control functionality along with adjustable airflow.
  10. Everzon

    New arrival! RAFALE SUBTANK from Uwell

    Rafale is Uwell's newest edition of sub ohm tanks.
  11. Box

    Can I take my Vape gear to Thailand (Phuket) from Australia?

    Hi Peeps. I am travelling to Phuket, Thailand in the next couple of months & was wondering if I can get some advise on taking my vaping gear. Can I take my gear from AU to Thailand? (including liquids with Nic in them, a Mod or 2 and a couple of tanks) Is it legal to do so or is it absolutely...
  12. K

    The Vape Bag, Keep all your gear organized while on the go Excellent little bag so I thought I would share
  13. Azaelius

    WTS Lot of various vaping goodies. Local pick up in San Diego.

    Hey y'all. I've decided to condense my vaping collection down to what I use... which is basically one mod and two tanks. As a result I have a ton of VERY out of date but still perfectly usable vape gear up for sale. I've listed it on craigslist here in San Diego. REMOVED I'll listen to pretty...

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