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  1. Everzon

    OBS Cube X Kit Preview

    Hey friends, OBS official brings us the brand new OBS starter Kit. It is OBS Cube X Kit. Let us see more details about it. OBS Cube X Kit OBS Cube X Kit consists of an OBS Cube X Mod and the OBS Cube X Tank. The Cube X is a new fashionable and portable 80W VW kit powered by an external single...
  2. Everzon

    New Released: SMOK TFV16 Tank

    Hello friends, Everzon provides the brand new SMOK Sub Ohm Tank for you. It is SMOK TFV16 Tank. Let us check out more details. SMOK TFV16 Tank SMOK TFV16 Tank is a 32mm diameter sub ohm atomizer. SMOK TFV16 is designed for cloud chasers. SMOK TFV16 is definitely a super powerful and huge sub...
  3. cloumix

    [In Stock] VOOPOO FINIC 20 AIO Vape Kit 1500mAh & 2ml

    FINIC 20 AIO Vape Pen Kit belongs to VOOPOO FINIC series. It is designed with unique illustration on the surface. Comes with new YC-R1/YC-R2 coils, it brings optimal flavor and clouds to the vapers. Also, the FINIC 20 features multiple cellular air intake design to bring rich and smooth airflow...
  4. Everzon

    Dragon Boat Festival Vape Coupon

    Hello friends, Everzon will be on the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival Holiday from 7th to 9th June. Everzon brings you the Dragon Boat Festival Vape Sale and vape coupon. Let us check out more details. Everzon provides 12% off coupon for the retail customer. Coupon Code: DB12 Expired on 10th...
  5. Everzon

    The Best RTA List for Geekvape Aegis Solo Mod

    Hey friends, Aegis Solo is still popular around the world. Here recommend some best RTAs for Aegis Solo Mod. Let us check out more details. Geekvape Aegis Solo Mod Aegis Solo Mod is powered by a high-amp 18650 battery. Aegis Solo adopts the latest AS Chipset that can fire to 100W along with...
  6. Everzon

    Where to Shop Onetop Pallas Mechancial Mod?

    Hello friends, Everzon brings you a resin mech mod that is Onetop Vape Pallas Mech Mod. Let us check out this resin appearance mech mod. Onetop Vape Pallas Mech Mod Onetop Vape Pallas Mod is made from resin and brass. Onetop Vape Pallas is a beautiful mechanical style vape mod for many vape...
  7. Everzon

    Vapefly Jester Pod DIY Kit Preview

    Hey friends, Vapefly official brings us the first Leak Proof DIY Pod System that is Vapefly Jester Pod DIY Kit. Let us check out more details. Vapefly Jester Pod DIY Edition Vapefly Jester Pod DIY Kit is the first rebuildable dripping pod system with small and slim size. Vapefly Jester features...
  8. Everzon

    Semi-Mechanical LED Mech Mod, AmbitionZ ARCLESS MECH MOD and Tauren Max

    Hey vape friends, Everzon brings you some great mech mods. They are still popular around the world. Let us check out more details. ACROHM Fush Mod Semi-Mechanical LED Tube Mod Acrohm Fush Mod has a unique motion and fire activated LED system. You can illuminate the breathing light while...
  9. Everzon

    Serisvape Bathala Mech Mod, THC Tauren Max Mod and ARCLESS MECH MOD

    Serisvape Bathala Mech Mod Serisvape Bathala Mech Mod is designed by Earl Fermandez in the Philippines and manufactured by Serisvape in China. Bathala Mech Mod is made of T2 copper and PEI material. With the Max 28mm diameter, the Bathala Mech Mod can match for many 24mm vape tank on the...
  10. Everzon

    In Stock: Vaporesso Gen Kit and Vaporesso Target Mini 2 Kit

    Hi folks, Vaporesso official provides us the new Starter Kit. It is the Vaporesso Gen 220W Kit and Vaporesso Target Mini 2 Kit. You can order it from now. Please login your account to see the lower price. Let us check out more details. Vaporesso Gen Starter Kit Vaporesso GEN Kit...
  11. Everzon

    The Best RTAs List for Cloud Vapor

    Hello friends, Everzon provides some great RTAs for you. You can choose one of your favorite tanks to vape. Geekvape Zeus X RTA Geekvape Zeus X RTA is an upgraded dual coil version of the original Zeus RTA and Zeus dual RTA. Geekvape Zeus X RTA features 25mm diameter and the innovative...
  12. Everzon

    HellVape Passage RDA | Designed by Hellvape and Suck My Mod

    HellVape Passage RDA is in Everzon now. You can log in your account to get the lower price. HellVape Passage RDA HellVape Passage RDA is an innovative and perfect RDA from Hellvape company cooperated with Suck My Mod. Passage RDA Tank adopts a unique 2-post build deck with separation block and...
  13. Everzon

    G-TASTE Aries RTA 30 with 15% off Coupon Code Gtaste15

    Hello folks, G-TASTE Aries RTA is a large 10ml capacity tank that brings you easy vaping. Everzon here provides you the 15% off coupon. The coupon code is Gtaste15 You can use this 15% off coupon code for the G-TASTE Aries RTA 30mm. G TASTE Aries RTA G TASTE Aries RTA is an innovative tank...
  14. Everzon

    New Released: MECHLYFE x AmbitionZ Vaper ARCLESS MOD Resin Edition

    Hello friends, MECHLYFE x AmbitionZ Vaper ARCLESS Mech MOD shows us its new edition. The Resin MECHLYFE Vaper ARCLESS MOD has an exquisite appearance. Let us check out more details. MECHLYFE x AmbitionZ Vaper ARCLESS MECH MOD ARCLESS MECH MOD is the cooperation between MECHLYFE and famous...
  15. Everzon

    G taste Aries 30 RTA | Advanced Airflow System

    Hi friends, Everzon shows you a larger and durable 30mm tank today. It is the G taste Aries RTA. G taste Aries 30 RTA G taste Aries RTA is the first RTA Tank from G Taste Official. G taste Aries RTA features the 30mm diameter. G taste Aries RTA features the outstanding airflow systems that...
  16. Everzon

    Rincoe Mechman VS Freemax Twister Kit | Which One You Would Prefer?

    Hello friends, Rincoe official brings us a great 80W vape starter kit. It is Rincoe Mechman 80W Starter Kit. Let us check out more details. Rincoe Mechman 80W Vape Kit Rincoe Mechman 80W Kit consists of a Mechman 80W Mod and a 4.5ml Mechman Mesh Tank. Rincoe Mechman 80W is powered by a single...
  17. Everzon

    The Best 5 Vape Tool Kits for Vape DIY Lovers

    Hello folks, Everzon here introduces some great vape DIY tool kits for you. Let us check out more details. $14.9 Vapefly Mini Tool Kit Package: 1 x Scissors 1 x Diagonal pliers 1 x Coil Trimming Tool 1 x Ceramic Tweezers 1 x 7 in 1 handle 1 x 2.5 mm coil rod 1 x 3.0mm coil rod 1 x 3.5 mm coil...
  18. Everzon

    Flash Sale - 0.1USD Geekvape Loop V1.5 RDA

    Flash Sale - 0.1USD Geekvape Loop V1.5 RDA Hi vape friends, Everzon brings you the daily flash sale. You can only spend 0.1USD to get the Geekvape Loop V1.5 RDA. Today's flash sale products will begin on May 24th,2019 at 8 AM (GMT-4) Please note: You can check out all flash sale 0.1USD...
  19. Everzon

    New Released: ASMODUS x Ultroner Thor 2 DNA Stabilized Wood Mod

    Hello folks, Everzon provides the great DNA Stabilized Wood Mod for you. It is ASMODUS Thor 2 DNA Stabilized Wood Mod. Let us check out more details. ASMODUS Thor 2 DNA Mod ASMODUS Thor 2 DNA Stabilized Wood Mod is designed by the asMODus and Ultroner official. asMODus x Ultroner Thor II Mod...
  20. Everzon

    <Everzon Flash Sale> 0.1USD Vape Devices for You

    Hello, vape friends, Everzon brings you the daily flash sale. You can only spend 0.1USD to shop it. Let us check out more details. Today's flash sale products will begin on May,22nd,2019 at 8 AM (GMT-4) Please note: You can check out all flash sale 0.1USD products at this block via here...
  21. Everzon

    First Look on Vaporesso Gen Mod

    Hey folks, Vaporesso brings us the ultra light and powerful mod that is the Vaporesso Gen Mod. Let us check out more details. Vaporesso Gen Box Mod Vaporesso Gen Mod has the Lightweight 107 gram that is comfortable in your hand and easy to carry. Vaporesso Gen Mod is powered by dual 18650...
  22. Everzon

    THC Tauren Max Mod and HellVape Passage RDA

    Hello folks, THC Tauren Max Mech Mod is an advanced mechanical mod for the vape lovers. I think the THC Tauren Max Mech Mod is best to match for the HellVape Passage RDA. Let us check out more details. THC Tauren Max Mod THC Tauren Max Mod is a beautifully crafted mech mod with special hollows...
  23. Everzon

    Vaporesso Target Mini 2 vs Geekvape Aegis Solo Kit

    Hello friends, Vaporesso Target Mini 2 and Geekvape Aegis Solo Kit are the great starter kit for the vape users. Vaporesso Target Mini 2 Starter Kit Vaporesso Target Mini 2 consists of a Target Mini II Mod and a VM Tank 22. The 2000mah Target Mini 2 mod has an output power range of 5-50W and...
  24. T

    Vape shop in witbank

    Splitting cloudz vape Merchandise available: Mods Tanks E-Liquid Wick & Coils Accessories Best customer service in town. Facebook page: Splitting cloudz vape Shop no 7 13 Reyneke street, Del Judor, Witbank Henco 0815979086
  25. Everzon

    Only 0.1USD - Geek Vape Karma Kit Flash Sale

    Hey friends, Everzon Weekly 0.1USD Flash Sale will come soon. Are you ready? Now, let us see more details about it. Please note: You can check out all flash sale 0.1USD products at this block via here: Everzon Upcoming Deal You can check out all flash sale 0.1USD products on time and shop it...
  26. Everzon

    New Released: Vaporesso Target Mini 2 Kit

    New Released: Vaporesso Target Mini 2 Kit Hi, vape friends, Vaporesso Target Mini Kit is popular around the world. Today, Vaporesso official offers us the second generations Target Mini. It is Vaporesso Target Mini 2 Kit. Vaporesso Target Mini 2 Kit Vaporesso Target Mini 2 Kit consists of the...
  27. Everzon

    The Best RDAs for THC Tauren Max Mech Mod

    Hello vape friends, As we know, ThunderHead Creations Tauren Max Mech Mod is a high-quality mech mod with the Waterproof, Shockproof and Dustproof design. THC Tauren Max Mech Mod Main Features: 1. Size: 26 x 95mm 2. Single 18650/20700/21700 compatible 3. The lockable ball fire key 4. Full...
  28. Everzon

    <Everzon Giveaways> Get Many Kinds of Free Vape Products

    <Everzon Giveaways> Get Many Kinds of Free Vape Products Hey folks, Everzon brings you many free giveaways. You can join the giveaway from here: Everzon Giveaways Here are some details about the giveaways for you. Click the items to see the details. POMP Tetris Starter Kit THC Tauren Max...
  29. Desire_Design

    Need Your Feedback and Suggestions on Desire Design!

    Hello! Desire Design as a dedicated manufacturer in vapes for many years has been working with distributors across the world for supplying vape products. In order to get closer to the users of our products, learn their real feedback on our products and services and provide timely help, finally...
  30. vaporleaf - Coupons, Sales and Deals.

    Hello VU, We will be posting our vaping deals, sales and coupons on this thread. Currently we have a coupon code for 10 percent off all Vape Starter Kits. Coupon Code: TASTE10 (Valid until 06-30-2019) And don't forget the Nicotine Salts. So yes, the coupon code works for the nicotine salts...
  31. Theboss

    Savour The Vapour

    I have to share this just to get it off of my chest. I went into a local vape shop today to buy some more wire. They were out of what I wanted so the guy suggested I buy one of their premade house coils until they get more of my preferred wire in. I asked what they ohm out at and the Fused...

    Best Holiday Gift Ideas for your loved ones who vape

    The air is starting to get cold and the Christmas holiday season spirit is coming down upon us. New Year’s Day will be right around the corner and our sale has begun! Do not sleep on these crazy deals that we are having and please do not be that one person in the company holiday party or even...
  33. lavaporzwholesale

    Now in stock at LA VAPORZ WHOLESALE - 11-16-18

    New Arrival: Voopoo drag 2: Ink, Scarlet, Dawn, Puzzle, Firecloud, Island, Flame, Aurora Voopoo drag mini: Atrovirens, Rhodonite, Lava, Prussian blue, Coral, Phthalo, Purple, lime Voopoo VFL: red, blue, black, rainbow, gold Crown 4: black, irid, silver Baby V2 tank: Blue, white, matteblack...
  34. cloumix

    Only 19.77$ for Hellvape Dead Rabbit RTA Tank Atomizer 25mm 4.5ml, 15$ OFF Coupon

    Hellvape Dead Rabbit RTA Tank Atomizer 25mm 4.5ml, 15$ OFF for exclusive coupon. ***Coupon: Vaperclub*** ***Everybody should pay attention. Once you login, you can get it only Only 19.77$***. Brand: Hellvape Product Name: Hellvape Dead Rabbit RTA 25mm 4.5ml Rebuildable Tank Atomizer Color...
  35. VapeCraftInc

    Vape Craft Flash Sale! Get Your E-Liquid Now!!!

    Get 3 x Vape Craft 120mL's For just $35!!! Free Shipping (U.S) Orders Over $50. Available For 12 More Hours Click Here to visit our website
  36. bluffsbrewingco

    ** Online retailer of Premium E-liquids

    Welcome to Bluffs Brewing Co. We are an online retailer servicing Canada's needs for premium e-liquid at great prices. We currently produce 9 unique flavours that will satisfy even the most finicky of taste-buds. Our unmatched customer service and dedication to providing you the best e-liquid...
  37. bluffsbrewingco

    Hello VU members. New online retailer Bluffs Brewing Co.

    Hello fellow VU members. We are Bluffs Brewing Co. a new manufacturer of e-liquids in Toronto. We look forward to being a part of your vaping experience. Sorry to my friends south of the border, we are currently only providing service within Canada. #notblowingsmoke
  38. TvsTeam

    Hi from the TVS Team

    Hello, all the vape lovers. I am from the The Vape Site from the TVS Team in LA, California. Can't wait share all the awesome stuff with you all!
  39. AtouchMall

    About our wholesale online order

    1. Wholesale Pricing You can log in with wholesale account and see the wholesale price. (It need us to confirmed when you register first time) First,choose the wholesale Customers when register (Needed) Second,select how to know (optional) 2. Wholesale Shipping UPS or DHL are highly...
  40. davesells

    Cloud Makers Make Huge Clouds Video

    Hey everyone I have been vaping for a few years now and decided to launch a vape site . I post content based on my experiences while vaping and latest news related to laws and health in the vaping world. If you like my content feel free to check out products that we have...
  41. jvsurfvape

    FREE SHIPPING to UK E Cigs Vaping -

    hi guys girls, Some Eleaf Starter Kits introduce to you :-) FREE SHIPPING TO UK. if you're interest, can take a look. if feel well, can share to your family and friend :) Link is below:
  42. ClassicVapeCo

    The Classic Vape Co. Honolulu, Hawaii

    The Classic Vape Co. 105E, 661 Keeaumoku St, Honolulu, HI 96814 (808) 379-0443 10AM-10PM Monday-Sunday The Classic Vape Co. Website Facebook Twitter Instagram
  43. Grand Rapids E-Liquid

    Use Promo Code "cheapvape" for 50% off at

    Short and Simple Use Promo Code "cheapvape" for 50% off at for 50% at
  44. Grand Rapids E-Liquid

    You'll Love This. 51% Off Coupon Code + Free Shipping +New Low Prices. Paypal and Amazon Accepted.

    Take 51% off at on over 130 Custom VG/PG Flavored E-Liquid. Free USPS Priority Mail Shipping on all orders over $25. (2 days) OR only 1.99 for USPS First Class Mail (2-3 Days) 1000's of Repeat Customers Speak For Themselves! Check out our flavor reviews. USE COUPON CODE...
  45. Vape_FTW

    Vape FTW - about us!

    First off, thanks for checking out Vape FTW - that's Vape For The Win, for the record. We're a small and growing B&M shop/online storefront based out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. As far as the B&M goes, we do it all - vaporizer hardware, coil builds, e-liquid and accessories. On the web we...
  46. VapeMentorsJesse

    Online Training and Consulting For Vape Shops, E-Liquid Brands and eCommerce

    Greetings from California! We are VapeMentors, the largest online learning provider in the vape industry. We provide training, one-on-one coaching, online courses and free resources for vape entrepreneurs, or as we call them "vapreneurs". Our founder Norm Bour has helped dozens of...
  47. VapeGoon_2015

    Vape All Day Inc.

    Located at 10220 Wicker Ave. Suite 1-A Saint John, IN 46373 Hours: Open 7 Days A Week From 11am - 6pm (219) 730-3100 Many Social Media Giveaways Monthly.
  48. TW Tom

    Vape retailers may be charged a licensing fee to protect youth

    Highland Park in New Jersey has decided to try and impose a $1,200 per annum licensing fee on vape retailers. The first reading of the proposed ordinance was passed by a 5 to 0 vote, with one abstention. The money raised, if passed, is earmarked towards funding an enforcement program...
  49. Grand Rapids E-Liquid

    GR E-Liquid Vape Shop in Grand Rapids, MI

    At Grand Rapids E-Liquid, our goal is to provide our customers with the most satisfying popular vape products at an inexpensive price with only $1.99 for shipping.. If you are looking online for E-Juice for your vape pen, or for some custom vape juice in Grand Rapids, Michigan. You have found...
  50. RagerVapor

    Cloud9 Vapor chain PA/ Cloned E Liquid Management

    Hey guys I am extremely excited to be a part of this forum. My family started a vape shop last February in PA called Cloud 9 Vapors. Now we have an E-Liquid company CV9 E-Liquids which we have released one line so far called Cloned E-Liquids. We have another line we are very excited to...

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