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  1. C

    Please help! Having difficulty with

    Solid confusion with this supplier I place an order, get tracking#, follow that and seems it is going smooth. Yesterday hit a wall as the tracking site( I was linked to through vapesourcing's email said it went to USPS in Ft lauderdale Florida and then also...
  2. V

    Innokin Endura T18 II Reviews, 1300mAh Vape Pen Kit Price is only £21.39

    Innokin Endura T18 is Innokin's most popular vape pen kit, have you tried it? Now the upgraded version of Innokin Endura T18 is coming, it is Innokin Endura T18 II Kit. With a battery capacity of 1300mAh, the T18EII boasts 30% more capacity than its T18 predecessor making for some serious...
  3. V

    New Arrival: Augvape Foxy One With Intake Tank 120W 5ml/3.5ml

    Augvape Foxy One kit is a very compact entry-level vape Starter Kit. The Augvape Foxy One kit is made of zinc alloy, and it is very compact, measuring only 86mm x 37.7mm x 26mm, you can carry it in your pocket. The Augvape Foxy One kit is...
  4. V

    Vape Discount: Eleaf iJust Mini Kit 1100mAh 25W

    The Eleaf iJust Mini Kit is one of Eleaf's most popular vape pen kits. The promotional price is only £18.29. Eleaf iJust Mini Kit is an entry-level vape pen kit. It is very compact, measuring only 104mm x 22mm, which is very suitable for...
  5. V

    New Arrival: Geekvape Wenax C1 Kit 20W 950mAh

    Recently, GeekVape released its latest product: Geekvape Wenax C1 pod Kit. Geekvape Wenax C1 Kit is a very compact Pod System Kits, its size is only 31 * 17 * 86mm, very suitable for carrying in a pocket or wallet. In addition, it also uses an...
  6. V

    New Arrival: Geekvape Aegis Boost LE Bonus Kit

    Geekvape recently released its latest product: Geekvape Aegis Boost LE Bonus Kit. How about this product? Aegis Boost LE Bonus Kit is the Aegis Boost Luxury Edition that includes 5 GeekVape B Series Coils in the package to bring...
  7. V

    Innokin EQ FLTR Kit Reviews

    Some time ago Innokin released its latest product: Innokin EQ FLTR Kit Innokin EQ FLTR Kit was designed for smokers and iQos users. With the same filter feeling as that of a conventional cigarette and all vaping benefits. Innokin EQ FLTR is...
  8. V

    Eleaf new product: Eleaf iStick P100 Pod Kit, discounted price £25.99

    Last month, Eleaf launched its latest product Eleaf iStick P100 pod kit, which is a very creative vape device. Eleaf iStick P100 is made of zinc alloy, which is very textured and very comfortable to hold in the hand. The size of iStick P100 is only 39.6 mm x 29.5 mm x 106.4 mm, but it has a...
  9. V

    New arrival: Eleaf iJust 3 with GTL Pod Tank Reviews

    Recently, the famous vape brand Eleaf released its latest product: Eleaf iJust 3 with GTL Pod Tank. Eleaf iJust 3 kit is a very stylish vape pen kit, which is made of PCTG and stainless steel. It is available in Gunmetal and Silver...
  10. V

    Vapesourcing.UK - Best Vape Devices & Deals

    Hi Guys, is an e-cig online store mainly for the UK market. We provide the latest vape devices and e-liquid at favorable prices, including brands such as SMOK, VOOPOO, Geek Vape, Eleaf, Vandy Vape, Uwell, Vaporesso, Wismec, Lost Vape, IJOY, Horizon Tech, etc.
  11. Vaper_girl

    Vapesourcing Coupon Deals October (Daily Updated)

    Updated New Coupons on Vapesourcing :sneaka: Coupon Code: STHSK Coupon Price: $25.99 Discount: 21.22% off Link: SMOK Thallo S Pod Mod Kit 100W External 21700/18650 Battery Coupon Code: SThaK Coupon Price: $26.99 Discount: 22.86% off Link: SMOK Thallo Pod Mod Kit 80W 3000mAh Coupon Code...
  12. Vaper_girl

    VapeSourcing Daily Deal - Update Every Day

    Hello everyone, This is a list of Vapesourcing deals, we update every day! Happy vaping! Vapesourcing Long-Term Coupon Code: 10% off for All regularly priced items, CODE: VU10 $3 off $60, CODE: VS60 $8 off $100, CODE: VS100 $30 off $300, CODE: VS300 Clearance Sale! Up to 70% off on Vapesourcing.
  13. Steampugs

    Pugsley's flamboyant and trippy review of the Wismec Luxotic NC 250 kit by Jaybo

    Once again...the backlog gets backlogged even more, you see a light at the end of the tunnel....and it just turns out to be some bastard with a torch..and a pile of vape gear in need of reviewing....yes...I know...cry me a fucking river Pugs, first world problems etc etc's...
  14. Steampugs

    Pugsley's mean green flavour machine review of the Wismec-Jaybo Luxotic BF Kit

    I admit right now, don't judge me, but I do enjoy from time to time..the finer things in life, I work hard for my money, and occasionally I may well pay over the odds for something that is of such a fine quality, that I feel I have earned the right to own it...or eat it....or drink it...or...
  15. T

    VapeSourcing vs 3FVAPE

    So during the Chinese New Year, 2/18, I ordered a Luxotic kit for a really good price, under $40 shipped, and the waiting game began. I knew there would be a wait as this was a preorder. As seems to be the norm tracking info was slow and spotty at best but I was prepared for that. Anyway it...
  16. Steampugs

    Pugsley's positively predatory review of the Wismec Sinuous Ravage 230 Kit

    Regurgitation is ever present in this biz we call we see it constantly especially with the Shenzhen big hitters such as Smok, IJoy etc......a new toy will be released...what feels like.... every few seconds... leaving vapers worldwide bewildered with the overwhelming choice...
  17. vaper01

    You will buy the ecig you've always wanted with the BEST PRICE.

    Wismec Noisy Cricket Mod By JayBo JayBo, the man behind the successful Tobh Attys has teamed up with Wismec to produce his own design unregulated box mod. The Noisy Cricket box mod from Wismec is a fully mechanical device that runs off of two 18650 batteries in series. Just like most other...

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