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VapeSourcing vs 3FVAPE


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So during the Chinese New Year, 2/18, I ordered a Luxotic kit for a really good price, under $40 shipped, and the waiting game began. I knew there would be a wait as this was a preorder. As seems to be the norm tracking info was slow and spotty at best but I was prepared for that. Anyway it arrived today and of course I was pretty excited to check out my new toy but was slightly disappointed to find that though I ordered the resin swirl version I received the gold honeycomb, sent an email this morning and no reply as of yet. Not the end of the world, as a matter of fact I was torn between the 2 finishes and I don't expect that they will replace it nor do I want to send it back anyway.

On 2/26 I placed an order with 3FVAPE for a Wasp Nano and Nixon RDTA both of which also arrived today and the items were what I ordered.

Mistakes happen and the way I look at it the way someone handles their mistake speaks volumes, the lack of any response doesn't make me feel warm and fuzzy but I'll see what if any response I get.


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Here it is 2 days later and there's no reply at all. In the pkg for the Luxotic were cards thanking me for my purchase and assuring me that customer satisfaction was very important but as we all know actions speak louder than words. So I got a very nice mod at a great price but it wasn't what I ordered. This turned out to be a good experiment in that I'm not out much $$$ and like what I got but in the end saving a few bucks is hardly worth not getting what I ordered and will not be purchasing from them in the future.


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The very first turnoff is a shit website.. FT used to be simple, and got worse and worse - even worse is listing sooooooo much "Discontinued". 3Fvape indeed has a clean site. There are about 6 other places I've tried to look thru, and - excusethefuckoutta; me - that's MY screen. Why are you locking the top third/half with the menu when I am trying to scroll thru the damned listing grid? (Close and leave)

The second turnoff is shipping - FT has always been slower than 3fvape with only a one day difference at best. (Trying plain Epacket from 3f today, and will try an upgrade - again - with FT tomorrow).

Third is Bait-And-Switch - 2fDeal did that with me and it took FOREVER to get them to "Yes, dammit - just send the OTHER color!". I don't plan to order from them again.

Fourth is Customer Service - Here, FT shines over even 3fVape. However, there is a caveat: I've been unable to reclaim "Vouchers" or "Gift Certificates" for several years - I dunno why, but the total so far seems like I've lost like $40 over time with them. $2 here, $10 there - it adds up. This only occurs with Pay Pal, apparently. But, frankly, I have little interest in sharing my CC# with FT. 3Fvape CS is.. well, more irksome than FT, but better than 2Fdeal.

The Fifth is our good ol' USA/FDA crap: I hate this "verify age" shit. Might as well let the BATF handle it all. Worse is when you end up forced into "Signature Required" - and of course it will always arrive when you are at work, and it's the weekend, and you won't get them to redeliver on your first day off - because it seems to take at least 3 days for the web-form to percolate thru USPS systems to be ignored at the local USPS.

Finally, I don't even waste my time visiting B&M anymore - when I do, it's always a new one and it's always the same disappointment: ignorance and SMOK products. Pass. So, yeah: CHinee orders can be irksome, but sheesh. I think the biggest lie is the chinee CS pretending to not understand English. Afaik, a lot of chinese students use US universities, let alone UK & europe - so they certainly learn the engrish.

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