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  1. bogdanv09

    Vapingbest has had my money for 7 days and no shipping information and no refund

    As the title says it has now been 7 day since i payed for a Xcube Ultra and a TFV8 tank and the products ar still not shipped.No reply to any of my emails.Tried to ask for a refund but still no answer.Running out of options here.Opened a dispute on paypal but Vapingbest still isn't answering...
  2. N


    Hello guys, I was looking for a gold G-Priv for my birthday and found one on , I was quite sceptical about the authenticity but I saw a couple of other posts on reddit etc saying it's a legitimate website. Having the logo of this forum on the page as well made me think it is...
  3. Lambreau21

    So I was searching around for the best deal on my Subox Mini Kit and came across and they had a great deal that guaranteed fast FREE shipping and from the US. I reviewed a couple sites to see the credibility of the site and found mixed reviews. I decided to take the chance with...
  4. Lambreau21

    Kangertech Subox Mini Kit

    I just recently ordered the Kangertech Subox Mini Kit from and even before you open the box you have to admire the lengths Kanger went to make the Subox Mini really stand out. The packaging is exquisite and almost something you'd want to just put above your desk and admire from...

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