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  1. tcookj

    Beginner Vaper OIF Vet requesting help with getting a mod

    My name is Tim. I recently decided to quit smoking. My brother has successfully been off ciggs for two years since he started vaping. I tried his vape and cant believe how it satisfied my craving with smoke that tastes like fruit loops. He let me borrow his vape for a week and im stuck. I really...
  2. J

    First time on a thread and want to switch to vaping

    Hello fellow bloggers, Veterans! I am currently in BAF and want to stop smoking. I have been a closet smoker/ smokeless tobacco user. My wife has no idea and I would like to switch to vaping. Is there any places I can request a donation vape and juice? Thank you JFerg
  3. B

    Anybody Need Anything?

    Well, Independence Day is tomorrow and I feel generous. Is anybody in need of anything?

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