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  1. Tcopo

    Perfect Vape, LLC - not so perfect

    I would not recommend getting mixed up with this company. I can’t, in good conscience, slam a business for accidents, mistakes, acts of nature, etc... unfortunately, these things happen to everyone and every business. I can, however, comment on a business’s lack of integrity or interest to...
  2. E wont give me my money

    decided to try an ejuice vendor that had some good deals bought $178 worth of juice from, entered my card details and pressed pay, went back to the enter card details page and said there was an error, so i tried again . . . same thing. checked my bank and both payments where...
  3. Mikhail Naumov

    The best and worst of the 'style' clones on 3F.

    As of late the amount of cheap 'style' clone rebuildable atomizers I have seen popping up on 3FVape has hit an all time high, so I thought I would list the best and the shittest of those I have tried. Best rebuildables: Elite Gen 2 28.5mm RDA $10.59 Velocity 24 25.7mm RDA $10.59 (SS) / $11.59...
  4. Vapomizer

    Joyetech Cuboid Problems & Quality Control Issues

    UPDATE 3 Thread Title Change: Since this thread has got more attention than i initially expected or anticipated, and because i created it in an angry moment with a lot of disappointment about a product that i was initially very excited about, and without looking at the big picture, i feel...

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