10,000 Pages of Naruto in two weeks.


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I don't know if any of you know this, but Naruto comes to an end tonight. At the request of all my friends, I have binge read the entire series so far (about 2000 to go, but I'm stopping before the end.) I just wanted to ask, what's the most you've ever binged a show/ book series?


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hmm...when I was off work for hernia surgery I watched the entire Home Improvement series at once.

Aside from that, using weekends and time after work I have also watched the entire series of:
Big Bang Theory
Dragon Ball
Dragon Ball Z
Dragon Ball GT
Prince of Tennis
Futurama (many times)
Family Guy
American Dad
XMen (original animated series and newer version)
bunch of others I can't think of right away

Also done it with movies when I had days off:
Lord of the Rings (extended editions, over 10 hours at once)
Jurassic Park (far too many times to count)
Resident Evil
Harry Potter
The Hobbit
X-Men Movies
Pirates of the Caribbean (*many* times)

tried to do it with star wars, but kept falling asleep. lol

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Are you okay???

I've binge watched a lot of anime series... ...one and two-cour mostly. That's really just how I tend to watch anime. It would be a very long list.

The longest binge I went on was when I discovered Ghost in the Shell in my early days of anime obsession. I started with both of the SAC installments and then watched everything else. And then I just kept running through the entire franchise every day for about a month. I REALLY like GITS.

I'm only watching stuff season by season for now, though I'm gonna start to re-binge on some of my favorites with my girlfriend very soon. First on the list is Mushishi, then maybe everything Satoshi Kon, and we're both huge Ghibli fans, so we'll be going through their entire archive all the way up to The Wind Rises. At least gotta cover all of the Miyazaki films. A lot more between that, but I think that's a good enough start.

She's big on One Piece, which is gonna be arduous for me. I've never been into those big shoenen epics like that. Too much filler. When they're still running, it makes sense, but the pacing doesn't hold up when you're watching continuously, IMO. It makes a lot more sense with manga than it does anime. Just one of those things that doesn't translate well to adaptations.

But I've decided my next serious, blind binge is going to be Legend of the Galactic Heroes. It's really the only thing missing from my anime credentials, that I want on them, anyway. No binging on my own until I get through that.


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I binge read Harry Potter starting with book one and through 4 (that was all that was out at the time) straight for several days.

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