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4 Battery series/parallel regulated squonker

I am thinking about making a squonk mod as above. I am not a builder, but I get the feeling this is a niche that has one person in it, so I don't think that any company is going to make one of these. I have a couple of ideas.

1. Frankenstein one together. My idea is to get a Kanger Five6 that has a bad board, and modify it to hold 4 batteries and a squonk bottle. For a board and maybe a display I have a Wismec RX300. The main problem I see with this route is that the reason I no longer use the RX300 and am willing to dismantle it is that the resistance reading on it is anywhere from .05 to .1 ohms too high and I don't know if the board is causing it or the 510, although I am pretty sure it is the 510.

2. Build one from scratch. There are several challenges to this route obviously.
A. My guess is that, as far as the enclosure goes, 3D printed would be the best option. I do not own a 3D printer and don't know how to go about designing the enclosure so someone else can print it. I might be able to carve one out of a block of wood, but I do not think my untested carving skills will be enough.
B. What chip/display to use? I want the batteries to be series/parallel. I want the chip to be able to handle 50 amps and do at least 300 watts. I really do not want to pay for a DNA250. If I had some sort of verification that the resistance problems on the RX300 are in the 510 I would use it.

I believe I could manage to put it together, but if not I have a good friend who would be willing to help I am sure:).

What do you guys think? Are there some words of wisdom any of you can impart on me? Thank you all in advance for your time.


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No wisdom here - but will be keeping my eyes on this :)

The Cromwell

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Chips in regulated mods are calibrated (loosely sometimes) for the wiring and 510 in THAT mod.
Any changes in wiring length, gauge, etc WILL change the resistance reading shown by the chip to some degree. When using a chip without the ability to zero out this resistance in the mod you will just have to learn the resistance offset and live with it.


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Great post Cromwell.

Another thing, if your happy with such a big mod that's cool. I can't stand caring stand anything more than 2 battery mods. That's not to say I think there useless. Sitting at home why not have tons of power? And with that being said, why not just drip.

If this is what your looking for brother by all means.

I want to eventually build a parallel dual 18650 squonk. It doesn't seem too hard. I'm a tinkerer, and I'm pretty good with electronics, computers, remodeling, woodworking, metal working.

Most squonks I want are way out of what I'd ever be able to pay, so making one night give me the performance of a $500.00 custom squonk for about $100.00

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