75w or higher Vape Setup With Premade Coils Great Flavor ?


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What is the best vape setup by far ? About this question,different people will have different answers and here,i will recommend Smoant Knight V2 Kit and SMOK T-PRIV Kit for you.Knight V2 80W TC Kit is the lightest 80w pocketable kit,while the T-PRIV 220W Starter Kit is a powerful but portable kit. And following are more details,let's have a quicker check.

Smoant Knight V2 80W Starter Kit has launched for ages,this kit was famous for its unique and cool design, portable but with great performance and cheap affordable price. Knight V2 Kit by Smoant prebuild Clapton Coil head,features 5mL ejuice hold, 80w max power output,Top side filling system,Venting holes for heat radiation to get longer lifespan and single 18650 batteries. So if you are interested in pocketable single 18650 kit,then i will recommend you buy Smoant Knight V2 Kit for you,this kit tested by many users as well.

T-PRIV 220W Kit is one of the new SMOK Kit in n2017, this is a another 220w starter kit in the line of SMOK 220W Starter Kit as well. But different former Smok Kit,the new SMOK-TRIV 220w Starter Kit with unique hallow out design and features multi-colors available,5mL ejuice capacity,prebuild awesome flavor coils and super amazing features,performance,function and so on. SMOK T-PRIV 220W Kit supports firmware updating as well.


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