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A new philosophy with new lower prices at Coval Vapes


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We're Shaking Things Up: New Lower Prices
  • By: William Hildebrand
  • 08 Jul, 2019
With the average kit starting at 60w vs 30w a couple years ago, higher wattage tanks, rise of ultra-portables - vaping has definitely seen some changes. Coval Vapes is changing with it, with you.

We are removing our loyalty program, Tap Mango, and instead having the best possible hardware and e-Liquid prices every day. Starting today, you will no longer accumulate points in TapMango. The last day to spend your points is 8/1/19.

We are also temporarily stopping production of 120ml bottles. We are setting up our site so that 120ml customers get 2 x 60ml at the same price as a 120ml. By doing this, we can carry more brands that you’ve been requesting and have lower prices on all Coval Vapes made e-Liquids.

Speaking of which.. Coval Retail Pricing is moving to:
15ml Salt 7.95
30ml 8.95
60ml 15.95
120ml 23.95
Yes, you read that correctly. Your favorite 8816 salt will now be $7.95 and your 60ml of choice will be $15.95

Currently Military, First Responders and Teachers get exclusive discounts in store - that will be coming soon to our website and we will be making an announcement when this is available. If you're interested in this program, please email [email protected]

You’ve probably noticed something new with our bottles - flow restrictors have been placed in the top of the bottle under the cap. The flow restrictors minimize spills when the bottle is dropped or knocked over and has the added benefit of cleaning the dropper when you go to fill your tank. No more e-Liquid running down the dropper, and inevitably, down your tank.

We will also be expanding our eLiquid selection in both our stores and online. Is there a certain line or flavor you love? Tell a Coval team member or shoot us an email and we'll take a look.

We hope you are as excited for these changes as we are - our entire focus has been how to make the experience better for you. This started with improving our website to make it easier to use and has transitioned with us seeing how much vaping has changed and what we can do to make it more affordable for you. We will be bringing in more lines soon as well. Have a request? Shoot us an email to [email protected] - we always want to hear your feedback. Excited for the changes? Let us know below!

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