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A nice review for Real Tobacco Extracts today

Real Extract in Seattle

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by Michael
“If you like tobacco and for obvious reasons want to vape rather than smoke, the naturally extracted tobaccos (NETs) are quite appealing. As a recent pipe smoking convert, I came across Real-Tobacco-Extract. I tried Bight Leaf Virginia, Burly, Maple Virginia, Black Walnut Virginia, and Banana Aged Virginia. All were rich in tobacco and without any chemical or strange off-putting after taste. These RTE extracts are richer than those from Black Note (another naturally extracted tobacco supplier) and compare favorably price-wise. The Maple Virginia is simply delicious and matches the web site description to a note. Banana had a quite complex flavor that was not familiar to me- mellow yet full of an unusual but pleasing flavor. Black Walnut is a nice flavor but definitely leaves the mouth quite dry. The (Cowboy) is also pleasing to me as is a mixture of the Burly with Bright Virginia. These are great if I want a pure rich tobacco only “smoke”. As it should, the Burly has a sweet earthy woody flavor. For me, the Bright Leaf Virginia alone doesn’t do well but it does make a great base for the mixtures including the a fore-noted delicious Maple or with the Burly. I am excited to try more of Evan’s (the owner) extracts and appreciate his personal touch as well as expertise. He is a vape juice tobacconist extraordinaire and I highly recommend trying his offerings.”

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