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About Churchill RTA and coil

Hi guys, i just buy the churchill RTA and i've a few question. Sometimes after a few days of use (2 or 3) with the same coil the ohm start to be unstable and my box start showing " low atomizer" and when i put my atty on ohm tester like coilmaster v3 it show me 1,3 ohm anat the base the 2 coil a put in the churchill are at 0,20 ohm. i don't understand why that change so much. And my second questions is what are the coil that you use that give the best flavor?
Thx and sorry for my bad english, i'm from Belgium
So all the problem are fixed, the shop made an exchange and now everething's all right.
But now i wonder what are the best coil for this aty for flavour.
what coil did you use in this aty???

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