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advice for a friend on MTL devices not pods


I've been vaping myself for the last 7 years but I've been a bit out of the loop on new devices and MTL atomizers, since I use myself DTL RTAs mostly, I don't know much about anything else. A friend of mine, a light smoker, wants to quit and asked me what should he buy to get rid of cigarettes. I gacve him some of my rtas, mods etc to try but he says free netflix tech news android 9 he doesn't like the draw, too airy and too powerful, so I thought about a MTL device could be a good option for him. since he doesn't want to go into rebuilding himself he asked me for something reliable where he can replace coils, so not an RTA. He also tried some pod systems but he didn't like them much because of the flavor. So my question is, what is a good MTL RTA that he can buy in europe, and a good mod (single 18650 or similar w) would be good? Also premaid coils for it that are not too hard to get and easily available on the market. I did some research and I was looking ant the innokin nautilus but since I never tried any of them and my experience in this field stopped at the old kayfun, I'm asking for your wisdom. Thanks
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Most of the mtl kits nowadays have built in batteries, whether it be a tube style or box system. If a built in battery would suffice, I would suggest an Innokin Cool Fire Mini Zenith kit. 1300 mah battery, 40 watts, and a fantastic Zenith tank with a really nice mtl draw and excellent flavor. Might even check Ebay for an Eleaf IStick 30w and an Aspire Nautilus Mini tank. Replacement coils are readily available and still one of the best mtl tanks on the market.


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I gacve him some of my rtas, mods etc to try but he says free netflix tech news android 9 he doesn't like the draw, too airy and too powerful, so I thought about a MTL device could be a good option for him.

*sits being a bobble head, trying to make intelligent comprehension of this all*

Oh. Okay so he says he wants a tight draw and your stuff is too loose? Here's a little trick with most direct to lung hitting RDA, RTA, RBTA whatever, ... tighten down your air flow. Go on to YouTube and search for the atomizer you have. There will nine out of ten times be a good video found teaching about how to use the atomizer. I'll give you an example so you get a clearer idea.

I vape using a Gorge RDA. So I go to Youtube and look for a video about Gorge RDAs.

Here is the url or web address of that search query for you. Left or right click the link and "open in new tab". Not got a new graphical browser that uses tabs? Get one, there's no real excuse to not have one. This is 2019, correct, not 1994?

As you can no doubt see there are a plethora of listings of various videos. They might be reviews, maybe some hating on the RDA. The point being these videos more often than not will show you someone tweaking the air flow control on an atomizer. You can tighten it up for your friend, show them how to do it. Or, of course you can buy something new for your friend like an Evod style tank that genuinely is highly restrictive air flow. Look for CE4, ARO, T-Dux 2 & 3 tanks, maybe even a Kanger Evod, these will be your Evod and evod styled tanks. They do real well for restrictive mouth to lung hitting.

Most of the Evods I mention will take what are called ProTank coil assemblies. If you look around a bit I'm sure you'll find some going for five packs of around $5 USD. They aren't too terribly expensive.

Eventually, the friend might want to learn rebuilding because the coils in these seem to get shot after about a month of use.. You can take the assemblies out, wash them by soaking in vodka, rinsing with cold water, letting dry. You'll want to swap out coil assemblies about every fortnight, keep a cycle of clean, new coil going on like that. It gets to be annoying after a while trying to recall what is out and such.

You can rebuild these too but it can be frustrating doing so. The coils inside the assemblies are micro-coils, meaning they are 2 mm to .5 mm inner diameter in size. If you don't mind and can do it, more power for it. :) I had to stop using them though for arthritis being a pain to me. That and nerve issues would cause me to foul up coils trying to put them into the assemblies proper. I just wasn't patient enough and "steady" enough. ergo, I went to using RDAs that could let me use macro-coils. I like 3 mm inner diameter or just a smidge bigger.

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