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Advken OWL Subohm Tank


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Hi Vaping Underground members, In this review i take a look at the OWL Subohm Tank from Advken. The Advken OWL Subohm Tank was supplied for the purpose of this review by Pearl from Cigabuy.


Advken are possibly best known for the well received Manta Sub-ohm tank and the Owl is their latest Sub-ohm Tank offering. The Owl offers top airflow and top easy (?) fill. Aesthetically to me it looks like a squatting Owl aesthetically finished off with a unique looking drip tip. The Owl is a large looking tank with a diameter at it's widest point of 30mm and uses the exact same mesh coils the Manta used which means it's a mainstream coil size allowing for the use of many coils including Baby beast coils. It's a simple tank so this will just be a simple little look and then i will give my thoughts!


In The Box


1x OWL Tank(Installed 0.2ohm Mesh Coil)
1x Spare 0.16ohm Mesh Coil
1x Spare Straight Glass
1x Clean Cloth
1x Advken Card
1x Accessories Bag



The Owl comes in sturdy cardboard packaging with flip lid and outer sleeve, i received the Stainless Steel version it's also available in Matte Black, Black, Coffee, Rainbow, Blue, Purple, Gold and Green. Up top is an Ultem standard fit 810 drip tip which tapers sharply and is low profile, quite unique looking and finishes off the aesthetic look of the tank nicely. The tank is wide, 25mm at the base but it both steps and tapers out to make it's girth much wider in fact the bulge glass barely bulges at all to the tanks width. It has the appearance of quite a short tank but that's an illusion caused by it's width and shape of the drip tip, it's actually average height. Both top and bottom we have pronounced texturing and the large dual cyclops top airflow slots are also an aesthetic feature. Looking through the glass we can see housing for the coil which is necessary as this features a double wall to get air from the top to the coil. The inner housing has 2 large cutouts to allow free flow of juice to the coil wicking ports and also has "OWL" and a owl logo printed in Black. The base has printed safety marks and branding, the 510 pin is Gold plated and protrudes nicely. The tank has some weight to it as it's very well made and the threading is excellent.


Owl Specs and Features:

Size: 25 x 45mm
Capacity: 4ml(a 3ml replacement glass tube included)
Bubble glass tube diameter: 30mm
Coil type: 0.16ohm mesh coil, 0.2ohm mesh coil
Convenient slide top filling design
Top airflow system avoid leakage and condensation
Mesh coil produce purer flavor and massive clouds
Thread: 510
Colours: SS, Matte Black, Black, Coffee, Rainbow, Blue, Purple, Gold, Green



The Owl has a slide open top-fill system, simply push the top cap and it slides open with a nice stiff resistance, it isn't going to open by accident. The port is big enough but the top of the inner coil housing that accommodates the airflow travel stops the nozzle of a bottle being pushed far inside the tank so you need to fill very slowly or get in a mess!


The Airflow

The Owl has top airflow which is allowed in through dual large cyclops slots (their is no stopper). The inner coil housing or cage depending on your view point is doubled walled allowing the air to travel down to the coils, the cavity in the wall is a lot more spacious than usual in this sort of design which i think is much better as less pressure will be lost.


The Coils

The Owl comes pre-installed with a 0.2ohm mesh coil which is best between 50 and 70w. The other coil included is also a mesh coil, it's 0.16ohm which is best between 60 and 80w. The coils are the same which are used on the Manta tank so are a mainstream size allowing many other brands of coils to fit including the widely available Baby beast coils. Fitting the coils is standard, they screw into the base and when the tank is put together the top of the coil screws to the chimney.


The Capacity

To remove the glass simply unscrew the base which then allows the glass to be wiggled free, their is a 3ml straight glass included if you prefer. Despite the width of the Owl the capacity is only 4ml even with the bulge glass due to the volume taken up by the double walled coil housing.



I will start with the drip tip which i love the look of but it just didn't feel right between the lips, because it's a standard 810 fitting i quickly switched to one that suited me better. Filling the tank is is a mixed bag, the top cap slides open with perfect resistance and feels very well done, again the fill port is plenty big enough but due to the top of the inner coil housing you can't fully get nozzles into the tank so filling has to be done slowly. The flavour from the 0.2ohm coil was very good and seems to be outlasting longevity wise Baby beast coils but are not comparable to the cols using innovative wicking material. Although the flavour is very good with all the innovation with mesh coils and wicking materials of late don't confuse that with outstanding flavour it's more average for a mesh stock coil which compared to older stock coils is still very good. I found i needed to fill the tank often as 4ml with a mesh coil tank just isn't good capacity and as the straight glass doesn't allow for the tank to be TPD compliant i just don't see people using it unless they break the bulge glass so a spare bulge glass would of been a better option.
So the Owl although very well made is not perfect but where it does shine for me is the airflow. Having top airflow is an advantage for leak prevention but it's performance is spot on. It does have restriction but is so smooth and the tank is as quiet as a sleeping Owl!



Very good build quality
All threading and tolerances spot on
Unique aesthetic appearance
Good colour options
Compatible with mainstream coils
Good flavour
Very quiet
Very smooth airflow
Top airflow, leak resistant
Leak resistant top airflow
Top slide fill
Spare glass (bulge would of been better than 3ml straight)


Although very good flavour there are some sub-ohm tanks offering both better flavour and better coil longevity
Time needs taken when filling
Drip tip was not comfortable
It's weight and width will not be to everyone's liking
Capacity only 4ml with bulge glass

I would once again like to thank Pearl from Cigabuy for supplying the Advken OWL Subohm Tank for the purpose of this review.


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