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Hi Vaping Underground members, In this review i take a look at the Alpha Sub-ohm Tank from Geekvape. The Alpha Sub-ohm Tank was supplied for the purpose of this review by Carrie from Geekvape.


Geekvape need no introduction as they have been in the vape game a long time producing products that in the main get a great reception from vapers. Recently i highly rated the Ammit MTL RTA but really in recent times Geekvape have been impressing more with their regulated devices with the Nova and increasing the Aegis family. I have been waiting since mesh coils in Sub-ohm tanks became all the rage for Geekvape to release a tank at the top table as the Cerberus while being a very good tank in my opinion left room for improvement. The Alpha is now available matched with the Nova and this pairing does look like it's meant to be and makes the Nova Kit a very tempting prospect. A gorgeous Resin finish, spring open top-fill with locking mechanism, 4ml capacity (2ml EU) and coming with 2 different mesh coils, will the Alpha earn it's place at the top table? I give my opinion!


In the Box


Standard Edition

1x Alpha Tank 4ml(0.15ohm Coil Pre-installed)
1x MeshMellow 0.4ohm Coil
1x Spare Bubble Glass Tube (4ml)
1x User Manual
1x Promotion Card&Warranty Card
1x Spare Parts Pack

TPD Edition

1x Alpha Tank 2ml(0.15ohm Coil Pre-installed)
1x MeshMellow 0.4ohm Coil
1x Spare Glass Tube (2ml)
1x User Manual
1x Promotion Card&Warranty Card
1x Spare Parts Pack



The Alpha Sub-ohm Tank came in cardboard boxed packaging with cardboard sleeve. Once i opened the box i was met by a stunning Resin an metallic beauty. I received the Silver & Twilight Resin Colour, it's also available in Silver & Ember Resin, Silver & Flare Resin, Black & Onyx Resin and Blue & Onyx Resin, all versions come with matching 810 resin drip tips. The Alpha is pre-installed with a bubble glass (standard edition) which doesn't bulge too much which helps with the aesthetic shape of the tank, the tank is then in Resin design of choice broken up nicely with bands of metallic giving the tank a stunning look. The Alpha as mentioned has a Resin drip tip it then has a Resin band which houses the lock button, between the two is the metallic top-cap which springs open side-wards. There are also a thin band of metallic where the glass fits on at the top and at the bottom above the airflow control ring. The airflow control ring is a thick band of Resin that tapers out from the 24mm base to i would guess about 26.5mm, the airflow is tri slots with stopper. The base of the Alpha has etched branding and safety stamps as well as having an hybrid safe non-adjustable, Gold plated 510. The build quality of the Alpha is top-notch with all threading and tolerances faultless.


Alpha Specs and Features:

Size: 25 x 41mm
Capacity: 4ml(Standard Edition) / 2ml(TPD Edition)
Coil Type: MeshMellow 0.15ohm (Best 75-95W); MeshMellow 0.4ohm (Best 60-70W)
Innovative MeshMellow coil system
The application of crafted resin
Easy top refilling with press button
Adjustable bottom airflow control
All cotton are imported from Egypt
Optional 2ml/4ml e-juice capacity
Thread: 510
Colours: Silver & Ember Resin, Silver & Twilight Resin, Silver & Flare Resin, Black & Onyx Resin, Blue & Onyx Resin


Assembling and Disassembling

The Alpha separates into it's various parts and can be put back together very easily. It consists of the top section which is the top-cap that springs open on a hinge, juice port grommet and air chamber. Your coils screw straight into the base and then the top of the coil screws on the air chamber when assembling the tank. The glass tube is secured to both the top section and the base by o-rings that fully seal the tank. When you unscrew the base the glass can be easily removed for cleaning or for fitting a new glass. The standard edition as mentioned has a 4ml capacity bubble glass, the spare is identical and the EU edition as a 2ml capacity straight glass. The Alpha comes with 2 spare juice port grommets and 2 spare sets of o-rings, the drip tip is a very nice resin 810 that matches the resin on the tank, it's a nice tight fit so all your 810's will fit no problem. For those that like their 510 drip tips their is no 510 adaptor but nothing stopping you borrowing one off another tank.



The Alpha has a really nice top-fill system that shows off the build quality of the tank. At the front there is a good size rectangular Silver button which looks like a plaque, on the button is engraved "OPEN". When the button is pressed the top-cap springs open with a smooth movement (their is a real air of quality in it's smooth movement), pushing the top-cap back into the closed position is just as impressively smooth and it locks back very securely into place. The button does protrude making it very easy to find but if i'm to be hyper critical i suppose this does make it possible for the button to be activated in error when in your pocket. To be honest the chances of it happening is very slim and really it just shows how good i'm finding the Alpha that i am even mentioning this as i'm struggling to find faults.


Review Continued Below:


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Review Continued:

The Supplied Coils

The Alpha comes with 2 different mesh coils which comes as no surprise. Pre-installed is the MM X1 which is a single kanthal mesh coil with a resistance of 0.15ohm, this coil is rated between 60W and 110W with a recommended best of between 75W and 95W. The other coil included is the MM X2 which is a dual kanthal mesh coil with a resistance of 0.4ohm, this coil is rated between 50W and 80W with a recommended best of between 60W and 70W. The coils are said to use a unique MeshMellow system which as it's not even a word i can't be of any help, they also use Egyptian Cotton.


My Experience Using The Alpha Tank

I used both coils that came with the Alpha and the first thing i noted was virtually Zero break in time, top flavour from the beginning. The pre-installed single mesh (MM X1) gave the best flavour (just) but i found too much air and turbulence, closing the airflow down to halfway was much better but there is still some turbulence, i found this coil best at 80W and it really gives excellent flavour. The dual mesh coil (MM X2) didn't quite give as good flavour but still above average and for me a far better option, much smoother airflow and the restricted lung hit i much prefer. I found this coil at it's best at 55W. I used both coils over a good period of time but not continuously as i have also been testing another couple of atty's but the flavour is still spot on with both coils so longevity should be good.


Final thoughts

In my opinion the best looking Sub-ohm tank in the market place. Most talk about the Freemax and Falcon when mentioning the best Mesh Sub-ohm tanks but i actually prefer the Skrr and the Bulldog, the Alpha certainly earns it's place at the top table with these two.



Build Quality
In my opinion very aesthetically pleasing
Threading superb
Airflow control ring smooth resistance
MM X1 Coil Excellent flavour (airflow slightly turbulent)
MM X2 Coil Very good flavour (airflow a lot smoother)
Spare glass
Loads of air (for those that like plenty of air)
Top-fill, springs open smoothly
Lock mechanism
Suffered no leaking
Very nice included resin drip tip
Good amount of spares
4ml Capacity (ok but could be better)
Nice colour options


MM X1 Coil airflow slightly turbulent
No 510 adaptor
No RBA option
4ml Capacity (could be better)

I would once again like to thank Carrie from Geekvape for supplying the Alpha Sub-ohm Tank for the purpose of this review.


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