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American Vaping Association - August 8, 2016 - What Does it Mean for Vaping? **PLEASE READ**

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This does not pertain to U.S., but just goes to show you;
Common sense and government are not words to be used in the same sentence.

In an unprecedented worldwide decision, authorities in Greece prohibit the sale of electronic cigarettes without nicotine and allow only the sale of nicotine liquids (due to European legislation). It is a decision that does not exist in the world. I should like to point out that even the countries which prohibit electronic cigarette, the ban only applies to nikotinoucha products, while non-Nikotinoucha are normally circulating (Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong etc). This means that someone who no longer needs nicotine and uses zero fluids will have to use nicotine. I honestly don't know if those who made the decision understood what they decided. The decision is on page 4 in link:ΩΣ7Φ465ΦΥΟ-ΨΗΕ?inline=true

from Dr Farsilino


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