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An apology letter coming from Coilart

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An apology letter coming from Coilart

Dear Vapor,

We sincerely apologize for what had happened recently on the forum, because of the personnel changes on Reddit's management, it cause some problems that were unexpected and inexcusable. Also because of the lack of communications and official account being banned , such problems has led to the perceptions of us(Coilart) is scamming people for personal info and does not care about the feedback that are coming from each and all of you. We are taking this matter very seriously, it is on our behalf, because of our poor management and supervision on the Reddit’s management personnel caused this impermissible incident, the persons responsible for this are ALL FIRED. We promises that we do not obtain people’s private info for anything other than shipping what you ordered to you. We sincerely apologized for this subject again.

a> We can assure you that all info are safe and we(Coilart) have not and will not use it for anything other than shipping what you ordered.

b>For those of you who had our promises of sending you a sample, due to the samples supplies being short or didn't received the sample. we will keep our words to give you ship the samples to you as soon as we get them(which might be pushed to march due to the factories being closed for a period of time during Chinese New Year), and for those of you who were promised a coupon code of 50%, please send us a screen shot of the conversation you had with the previous Coilart’s Reddit management personnel and we will fulfill our words by giving you the coupon that you truly deserve.


CoilArt Marketing Team

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