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Angel's Heavenly Designs - Goddess Stones

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Angel's Heavenly Designs

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Goddess stones can be added to most* tips for an additional $1.00 fee.
FAQ: What is a Goddess Tip?

I began the concept of putting a beautiful stone into the drip tips in May of 2014. My idea was original and never before seen. I wanted to find a way to make a drip tip even more beautiful and personal. Want to make your tip stand out even more? Why not bling it with a beautiful stone? Purchase one of my tips, Acrylic, Lava, TruStone… and purchase the goddess series. I will match your tip with a gorgeous stone or, choose one of the beautiful stones I have available. If I put a stone in your tip that you chose, and you decide that you are not happy with it then I am sorry but it cannot be changed. Please choose carefully.

Goddess Stones

*Goddess stones CANNOT be added to wood tips.

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