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Anyone Else Build Websites?

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Hey! After I had to shut PureCoils down, I decided to drive an Uber in Boston for a while. It was good money and I got to meet a lot of great people and see a lot of great places. Then COVID hit...

Took some time off and collected PUA for a bit while I figured out what to do next. Started messing around with websites, and decided to start doing it professionally. So I started Mangia Web Design, which was initially supposed to be a company aimed at building sites for restaurants and hospitality (I have a background in BOH as a high volume line cook and kitchen manager so I understand the needs of a restaurant website). Then all the restaurants started to close...

So, even though I haven't built a single website for a restaurant, I've managed to build sites for a Reiki teacher, a musician, an industrial parts supplier, a tutor, a Delta-8 THC manufacturer, a salmon company, a cleaning company, and even helped our own f1r3b1rd start his own food blog!

Tony's food blog is still a work in progress, but if you want to take a look (he even has his own forum there!) it's


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I used to do it professionally. Now I just dabble.

Nice work, BTW...

Oh, and I also used to be in food service... everything from burger flipper to high volume line cook to sou chef, and manager. Now, I just dabble LOL. Made cheesecake from scratch yesterday. Made chocolate souffle last week.

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