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Anyone have a store.....

Anyone have a store near you that carries the Drag 2 Platinum that has good pricing on it... This a setup I am looking into as well as getting a better tank for my eVic VT. First is the tank then another setup.

But if you have a store that is in your town or you know somewhere else to check out besides the internet please reach out to me..

Thank you

Just Frank

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I don't get why you just don't order it. Get a prepaid Visa debit card at Walmart and order it online. They cost 5 bucks but whatever..
This is done.. also I don't like ordering stuff like this rather but from a brick and mortar stor . That is why I asked.. not a big deal. I found a store fairly closer to home and I bought 1. Good to go


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I'm only seeing the platinum in a kit here in the U.S. I have a platinum (just the mod) on the way from Fasttech right now. It's been shipped so should have it in the next few weeks.

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