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Anyone Here Try The Ketogenic Diet?


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Dude, that's AWESOME!!!

Only 12lbs? You're fine just the way you are.

I'm about 250lbs and wear a size 42 waist. I need to get back down to the 200lb range (preferably around 185), and a waist size of 36-38. Now that I got rid of the crappy sweetener, I should be able to get into ketosis. Now I need to start with the calorie counting. With this Keto diet, I'm not nearly as hungry as I was when I was eating carbs. As much as I like to eat, I'm really enjoying this "not hungry all the time" feeling. I ordered this and am hoping it will help with a little variety (all I ate today was roast chicken and bacon):

But but but Chef... You make pasta. You love it so much you designated a thread to it.


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Not going to lie, I’ve been keto for 11 months.

Lost 94lbs... yeah.

Would be more, but this month I’ve tested my weight gain eating normally, it’s been nominal.

Last July 5th I started after my family came to San Diego, pictures were taken and I saw this fat fucking dude in the pic... me. That night I decided to change my diet, my routine, and commit.

I chose keto for after some research, it was the one where at its most extreme I could adhere to.

So did my macros... -50%

Less than 20 carbs a day (7-9 typical)
No limit on protein (powders and animal)
Fat intake limited (was already fat, don’t need additional to satiate)
Insane amounts of water... I can down a gallon easily 2x a day... was rough at first
Absolutely no added sugars

SW:326 CW:232 GW:205

Labs are fine, A1C 4.6

Anyway... ultra strict Keto for 11 months, past few weeks eating sensible carb foods to see weight change, back on Keto to finish what I started 11 months ago...

Example of food intake.


2x Eggs
Half Avocado
1 tefton Sausage
Coffee black

Gallon water by 1pm

Coffee again around 2pm

4pm dinner

10oz Boiled chicken, salted after and hot sauce... 6 oz broccoli

And that’s it.

Most days I’d skip breakfast, and maybe snack a slice of cheese, with my coffee and water.

I am also a big believer of CICO, calories in calories out on top of Keto.

I additionally changed my routine daily... up at no later than 4am... coffee made... down a glass of water... morning mile with the dogs.

Come home drink said coffee and more water... more walking the dogs later at least a mile... evening walk... at least 2 miles.

Some days it’s a struggle, my RA/PA act up and joints in my hands and knees lower back are stiff as hell, but down a few pills, sip on some coffee and power thru it... after 5 mins of movement, feeling better.

Anyway, wall of text

Fat boy, change, keto 11 months, not so fat boy, goal in sight... back to where I was pre-injury soon

Edit: screen shots of my tracking app for examples... stopped logging back in April.


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That’s breakfast as mentioned

Dinner with exercise illustrating CICO


Actual up top or at least calculated intake after exercise etc.

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Why do limes have 5 carbs. Ive been keto for a while. Im a animal protein lover so it was easy for me. Swerve sweetener saved my life. I lost almoat 60 lbs. From 240 To 188. Im 5'9". steak is my staple

16 hour and 24 hour fasting really helped when weight loss slowed.

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The gym I go to has a lot of Keto people. Personally I am a Nutritarian.

I find this to be extremely important because the word Nutritarian is banned in all the "cool" cites in California.

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